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It's actually as fun as it looks. 1

Some say that DiRT has too much racing and that the game takes so long to load you could down a pint and smoke three packs of cigarettes before it launches. All I know is that it's one extremely fun game and I have perhaps made the worst Top Gear presenter spoof of all time. But just like Top Gear, DiRT is something you can enjoy immensely. It has the looks and feel of a well formed game and leads to endless segments of fun. The graphics aren't stunning, but they are damn good and when you thi...

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Spore lowered my sperm count. v2.0 0

It seems my first review of Spore offended some people (Yet it seemed more enjoyed the review then opposed it) and Gamespot's gracious staff was kind enough to remove the it.. But that's ok! Because v2.0 is here to continue speaking the truth of how utterly worthless this wretched game really is! First issue I have with Spore is the DRM that comes straight from the 9th circle of hell to fetter honest buyers and make them feel like they are violated with a pinecone. Seriously, after buying this ...

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