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Skins the Cat Twice with Story and Themes 0

What a game. I dove into the clever, thoughtful, and fun Bioshock Infinite headfirst and, once I came up for air, found myself grinning in delight and thinking a little harder than I expected.I went into this game neutrally, but with optimism. I played and enjoyed the first Bioshock, and I thought that the narrative use of Objectivism was both interesting and pretty well done. The combat was fine and the character of Rapture really brought the experience home.But unlike most games (including the...

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Relative Diablo 3, A Review from a Former Diablo 2 Addict 0

I'm not sure that I really want to admit this, but I played way too much Diablo 2. Maybe not the normal kind of too much Diablo 2 either--hundreds of hours, mat/pat every class, major class guide writing, MF javazon /players 8 pindleskin stat running type of too much Diablo 2. One day, I literally stopped playing, pulled out the disk, put it away, and never put it back in, completely tired of the formula. I have followed basically no coverage of Diablo 3 since it was announced.So it was with som...

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