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Name: Sergey 
Nationality: Russian/Ukrainian  
Birthplace: United Soviet State of Ukraine  
Birthdate: September 21 1988
Languages: RU, EN, DE, UKR, JA 
Bloodtype: O - 
Short info: 
I am a university student that specializes in electromechanical engineering as well as computer sciences. I live in Canada and am part of the University of Waterloo's Programming team, and Cryptography/IT department. 
In my spare time I watch anime. Not just a few episode, but a lot. By a lot I mean probably 25+ series at once, so that is 25 episodes per week, talk about a perfectly good waste of 12 hours a week watching anime. Not to mention video games...... 
I am a grandmaster procrastinator, and enjoy leaving everything to the absolutely last second.