Alien Swarm - Battle Music Choices

I was already thoroughly enjoying Alien Swarm by playing it the way that the developers intended it to be played, music and all. Soon enough though, my roommate pointed out to me that there was an option in-game to choose your own battle music. I was immediately blown away that they would include something like this in the game. I hadn't bothered to go digging around in the audio options menu, so I probably wouldn't have found it at all, or at least not any time soon. At the time of this discovery, I had yet to complete the Jacob's Rest campaign, so I wanted the music I was going to add to contribute significantly to the overall atmosphere of the game. Not wanting to go through too much effort, I decided to go digging around in some of the video game soundtracks I already had on my computer and add some grim, ominous songs to create some more tension. What I have listed below is what I currently have in the game.

Track Listing

BioShock -  Steinman ( Listen
BioShock - The Dash ( Listen)
BioShock - The Engine City ( Listen)
Halo: Combat Evolved - Devils... Monsters... ( Listen)
Halo 2 - Ancient Machine ( Listen
Halo 3 - Gravemind ( Listen)
Mass Effect 2 - The Normandy Attacked ( Listen)
Mass Effect 2 - An Unknown Enemy ( Listen)
Some of the songs have a little calm bits in the beginning, but they pick up about half a minute into each. My personal favorite has to be 'Steinman', as it almost immediately opens up with an attack of orchestral disorder. This lends itself extremely well to some of the nerve-racking moments found in the game. Lately I've been debating whether or not I feel like switching my battle music to things that are a little more action packed, since I've played through the campaign multiple times already. I am curious as to whether or not anybody else has used this feature to enhance the gameplay experience, and if so, what your track list consists of.