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I kinda feel like this is highly dependent on your monitor.

I did half the test on my primary screen (TN panel), then moved the browser to my secondary monitor (IPS) and very easily noticed that I had placed a few wrong.

Final score:

edit: huh... looking at all the other results posted, seems like a lot of people have trouble in that green zone.

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Easy/Normal/Hard on console = Monster Power on PC, seperate from Normal/Nightmare/Hell/Inferno.

Easy = Monster Power 0

Medium = Monster Power 2

Hard = Monster Power 4

Master I = Monster Power 6

Master II = Monster Power 7

Master III = Monster Power 8

Master IV = Monster Power 9

Master V = Monster Power 10

Found that list online, not sure how accurate it is, but you get the idea.

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Rest in peace, Ryan Davis. You shall be missed.

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0. PC, for ever and ever.

1. Genesis

2. Nintendo64

3. PS2

4. Gamecube

Never owned an NES, but played it a a cousin's place. Barely ever played SNES or PS1, at least until much later on using emulators.

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World of Warcraft by a landslide: 264 days /played across a dozen characters (I've been playing since release, though the bulk of that time was in the vanilla/bc era when I was in college)

Next down the line, probably Super Smash Bros: Brawl, around ~300 hours played. It was our go-to game in my group of friends for years.

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I never sell or buy used games, but I do rent a lot of games. Killing the ability to play second-hand games would likely kill the ability to rent games, and I am therefore completely against it.

There's a lot of games out there that I would never consider buying but I still want to try playing anyways, hence renting. For example: Call of duty games, I only really care about playing the 4 hour single player campaign on the easiest difficulty for the theatrics, and that is quite simply not worth $60 to me, but I'm willing to pay the $5 it takes to rent it for a couple of days.

And no, demos are not a proper substitute.

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Overheard on the steam forums: Install PhysX, even if you have ATI. It apparently helped some people, hopefully that fixes it for you.

I personally had 2 CTD while playing, once during logos, once about 10 minutes into the game (nothing was lost, yay auto-saves), then it was smooth sailing all the way to the finish line. Side note, i have an nvidia card with latest drivers, so physx was already installed.

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You get the image on the bottom right corner the the wall, so I imagine that's the actual ending. Or at the very least the "first" ending, who knows what may happen if you complete the entire wall, or get to the ending before that timer expires.

I've just finished the game 4 hours played (according to steam, feels closer to 5). Still need to fill in 16 images. Screenshot of my current wall in the spoiler section.

I really enjoyed the game, but then again I've been a sucker for puzzlers since Myst. Glad GB brought it to my attention!

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Don't worry about it too much, it really doesn't talk anywhere near as much after the first door. It explains the rules and that's it.

I also thought it was grating at first since there's soooo much of it talking at the beginning, but I actually grew some fondness the rabbit's quirkiness as the game progressed and occasionally let the dialogue play when trying different paths.

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First webcomic I've ever read, kind of a classic: Bob & George

Thanks for the suggestions on this thread. I haven't followed webcomics in a few years, now I have a nice list of things to read :)