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Already platinumed. Also happens to be my very first platinum (on any platform ps3/360/ps4/xb1)

I almost never go for trophies, but in this case I already had almost every trophy by the end of the game anyways. I stumbled upon the having all the requirements for seeing all 3 endings, so i just did the save backup and load to quickly get all 3 of those ending trophies.

I then had 3 trophies left to do. all weapons, all tools, and the chalice boss one. The first two just took looking up what I was missing and quickly found what I needed (2 weapons, 1 tool). Took less than an hour.

Last one was quite a bit more painful since I never really touched the chalice stuff and so it took a good 5-6 hours to get it. Which was fine because once I finished the game I was still itching to play more. After going through some rather hellish chalice dungeons... that itch got scratched down to the bone. Almost gave up at that half-health dungeon. F*** that place. This trophy reminded my why I never normally go for trophies.

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A few other people already half-pointed it out, but do not try to kill the spiderlings from their front, they are armored. Their butt is their weakness. I basically just walked past them to their right (I hadn't realized you could sprint by holding circle yet...) and did the large sweeping attach with the with the extended axe and it would dispatch of the spiderlings in one hit.

However, as others have also already pointed out, you don't really need to kill all the spiderlings. I died on my first couple of attempts on this guy due to getting repeatedly accidentally hit by rom's ranged attack because I was concentrating too much on clearing out the spiderlings. On my successful attempt I only dispatched the ones that were in my way and focused on rom as much as possible. Also, always rush out of rom's range as soon as he curls up, don't get greedy or the AOE will devastate you.

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I dreamt about rolling and dodging all night long. Woke up after frantically emoting to a guy trying to let him know there was a creature creeping up behind him, because obviously I can't just talk.


I obviously played way too much bloodborne this weekend. The last time I had a dream about being in a game was during my WoW binge playing days, years ago. It's funny how the brain tries to parse things at night.

Do you guys often get gaming dreams?

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@artisanbreads: Yeah, I saw that list too, but it's pretty vague in terms of the how strong/subtle these effects are.

I don't *think* alarms reset between area on easy, but I can't say for sure since when I have gotten caught I usually keep putting reinforcements to sleep until the alarm completely clears before moving on (which honestly seems to take a lot less time and effort than going guns blazing like drew :) ).

I don't think I'm going to restart at this point since i'm already pretty far in already, a bit further than Drew currently is (just past the mountain top, just about to head into Grozynj Grad?)... But in retrospect I do think I should have started on Normal.

@quarters: @deinile: Thanks for the info!

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Quick question for veterans of mgs3:

How much easier is easy compared to normal?

I started playing MGS3 and I chose Easy since I just wanted to fully explore the area and do every codec call that Drew is skipping. Since I never played MGS 1, 2, or 3 before, I was also afraid that I'd run into the same issues and I just didn't want to deal with the frustration Drew's having on Normal..

The thing is, it's been really stupidly easy. I'm always completely full on all items, never had to use a life-med, never running out of ammo (99% of my shooting is using the tranq gun), never once got close to dying (except for stupidly running off a cliff once or twice).

Sure I learned a lot of how to NOT do things from watching drew fumble around, but I'm having such a trivial experience that I'm curious really how different Normal is versus Easy. Or is it just playing the game "right" (i.e. stealthily) what's really making the difference?

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Since we don't know when/if this event is coming back, I made a mad dash with a new titan that I started yesterday to make sure i could take advantage of getting 2 "free" legendaries to jump-start an alt.

Created my Titan at 9pm on Saturday night and by 10pm Sunday night I was level 25. 25 levels in 25 hours! (no i didn't play 25 hours straight, according to I played a total of 7hours 47 min 56sec)

Turns out you can really speed through the game the second time around, and these queen's wrath legendaries are extremely useful to boost brand new level 20's up several light levels.

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"So this is what it feels like to be marketed" -- I thought to myself after finishing the campaign.

Once I learned to embrace the game as a grindfest, I actually started enjoying my time with it a lot more. It's easy to jump in and do a couple mindless bounties, all the while expecting to get absolutely nothing out of it other than the enjoyment of playing a solid FPS... cause given my usual luck I'll never find anything of value anyways, so why have any expectations.

Maybe I'll get back into it more heavily once/if they fix the loot and give me actually achievable short-term goals that don't require extreme luck or 20 hours of grinding. Diablo 3 managed to evolve and come back around despite a very rough start (original inferno was just a slap in the face), so I have hope Bungie can do the same. I expect (or at least hope) there will be making several quality-of-life changes in the coming months that would make the loot grind more appealing to people like me.

Besides, I bought the digital guardian edition, so I might as well at least check in whenever the two DLC packs I already bought are released... =/

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@theht said:

@spraynardtatum said:

It cost over 500 million dollars.

That's confusing to some people.

It didn't cost over 500 million dollars to make.

I meant when considering the whole kit and kaboodle. Even if it includes marketing it's still confusing to see $500 million next to this game.

Destiny Might Be the Most Expensive Game Ever Made

So is everyone saying that the $500 million number is coming from the included costs of Destiny 2, 3, 4, DLC, etc? The 10 year plan isn't just for a single game. It's for the franchise.

I'd like to make sure I'm not wrong when I say that Destiny 1 cost $500 million in total.

"But the budget for Destiny, including associated marketing costs and pizza Wednesdays, is nowhere near 500 million dollars.”

The original 500 million quote was taken entirely out of context and the internet just ran with it, as the internet always does.

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When you buy/redeem the Destiny Digital Base Game, Digital Guardian Edition, or Expansion Pass on or before January 15th, 2015

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@brich: it only works one way, last gen -> current gen.

also they added this to the faq:

Q. If I pre-ordered the PlayStation®3 digital version, when will my PlayStation®4 digital version of Destiny be available?

The PlayStation®4 digital upgrade will be available to you as close to launch as possible. We anticipate the PlayStation®4 version will be ready for you by Wednesday 9/10 at 6pm PDT, but please check back here for updates. Unfortunately, the PlayStation®4 upgrade will NOT be available for pre-order or pre-load.