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 I bought more old games than new this year, for example: The Witcher.  If predictions are correct, 2013 will be more of the same especially in summer.  I don't mind.  I didn't think hard about this list.  "Best games" is too subjective.  I didn't finish Twisted Metal, Mass Effect 3, Walking Dead, Darksiders 2.  Or GoW Saga, which I shouldn't count because it also came out late in the year.  

I'm unclear why people put Farcry 3 or Blops 2 in their top ten.  You can't perceive how a game stands the test of time if you play it for a month and think "Daaaaamn, this game is dope!"  Look, this generation is the same as any.  Mostly bullshit, a couple that stand out, and fewer still that matter generations from now.    
  • God of War Saga
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Walking Dead
  • DarkSiders II
  • Diablo III
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aeris's death, FF7.