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9/10 This new Tomb Raider is just the reboot that this series needed 0

The first Tomb Raider practically redefined the action adventure genre. For such an old game, it was brimming with adventure and discovery as you guide Lara Croft through ruins and ancient tombs. Lara has returned for several more adventures since then, but the series was starting to show its age as it was surpassed by others in the genre like Assassins Creed or Uncharted. Finally, in 2013, Crystal Dynamics took it upon themselves to reboot the series with new gameplay mechanics, a new story and...

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It's too bad that such a beautiful looking game can feel lacking in both gameplay and content 0

I must admit; I've never played a single Paper Mario game before. I'm sure it has always been a great series but for whatever reason, it just never caught my attention before. That being said, while looking to expand my rather small 3DS library, I looked up information about Sticker Star. I thought it looked interesting and I could use a solid RPG title for the handheld. So as you can see, I went into this game not knowing what to expect or knowing what made this series so good. Unfortunately, ...

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Busting makes Luigi feel good 0

It must be rough being Luigi. Always following in his brother's foot steps, Luigi was usually portrayed as the cowardly sidekick who always relies on Mario to hog the spotlight and save the day. Well, he was finally given his own game.....on the NES, which stunk, but then he got a second chance in a ghost catching game on the Gamecube, which didn't. The first Luigi's Mansion was definitely an odd choice to throw this cowardly anxious sidekick into, but luckily it ended up being incredibly fun an...

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Whether you're on the road, water or sky, Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed easily speeds past its competition (9/10) 0

Even as a huge Sonic fan, even I rolled my eyes at the idea at the first Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing. No, not because Sonic was in a car, but because Mario Kart clones, which is what it looked like, had a very bad reputation such as M&M's Kart Racing. However, much to my surprise, the game was actually a lot of fun with tight controls, nice visuals and fun track design. That's not to say it didn't have its share of flaws though. More than 2 years later and Sumo has given us a sequel to...

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