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great game, but only for the hardest of the hard core 0

With storytelling reminiscent of The Watchmen, and...  OK--I'll stop right there.  The Watchmen?  Really?  Look, I'm among the first guys to call Cloud emo, Tidus gay, and Advent Children ridiculous, but hear me out: Xenogears is one of those few games you can really nerd out on.  I've heard a rumor, but haven't actually seen it, that the game's main bad guy actually has pseudocode written for him in a companion book to the story arc.  Pseudocode is sort of a flowchart that maps out how a progra...

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waffle's verbose and grossly detailed review 0

WoW is an excellent and horribly addictive game.  You should buy it.I started playing WoW the February after its release.  I've been around long enough to remember casinos, and Blizzard banning them en masse.  I remember a time when tauren didn't have mounts and merely ran around at greater speeds at level 40.  I remember when Molten Core was on par with Illidan and when rogues collected parts of the Shadowcraft set and thought it was amazing.  Because it was.WoW and I have a long, long history....

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