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Sorry, but this flat out sucks for the future. The "chain restaurant" analogy doesn't really work. Instead it's more like if you had one really awesome local restaurant with 3 chefs working together to make incredible food. Then some day somebody decides that there's no reason for 3 chefs to work in one restaurant, and opens up two more and makes it 1 chef per restaurant. You don't wind up with 3 restaurants all at the same quality as the first, you wind up with 3 diluted restaurants that nobody wants to go to anymore.

Plus this means in order to get Vinny content I'm now gonna have to deal with Alex. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

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I challenge all who have added me to come at my time in Temple Trouble!

92nd in the world. holy shit, easily my best ranking in any Trials game.

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I didn't have nearly enough people on my leaderboards in Evo, add me on PS4!

id: fazzle1

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10 months after release, and it's ALMOST at the point where it's playable! I'm so happy for them!

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I've run through Binding of Isaac multiple times no problem. I have NO IDEA what I'm doing in FTL, therefore I vote FTL.

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If they decide to do a Bombcast? That's great, I'll listen no matter how hard it might be. But anyone who feels as though they NEED to do a Bombcast is an undeniable piece of shit.

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Jesus Christ this was not the news I was expecting to see when I came on the site. This is awful news. RIP Ryan youll be missed by tons of people

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I'm hoping Testament of Sherlock Holmes drops to $10 or less

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When you say boss are you referring to the giant eyeball? or is there something else?

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The $499 sticker shock will wear off in a few hours when Sony announces the exact same price for the PS4