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Minecraft: This time it's a game!

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I think I'm going to go randomly stab at my fucking brain until I hit the part that remembers that I saw this trailer.

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Oh crap thanks for the reminder that the PS4 beta is out there. I got a code for it a while ago and forgot.

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Hey guys, sorry for this borderline spam, but I just returned to writing my weekly gaming article, Gaming With GADD (Gaming ADD, due to the fact that I normally can't play a game for more than a few days before getting bored with it), this week and since it's been a few months I could use some feedback on it. It's basically the Bombcast "what've you been playing this week?" segment stretched out into a full article and broken down daily. The writing style is intentionally spastic and scatterbrained to go along with the GADD theme. Please check it out here and leave feedback, either on GB or on the other side. Thanks.

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I fucking hate you Klepek. Your tweets are what made me download this game...and now I have over 12.5 million fans. Sonofabitch!

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Sorry, but this flat out sucks for the future. The "chain restaurant" analogy doesn't really work. Instead it's more like if you had one really awesome local restaurant with 3 chefs working together to make incredible food. Then some day somebody decides that there's no reason for 3 chefs to work in one restaurant, and opens up two more and makes it 1 chef per restaurant. You don't wind up with 3 restaurants all at the same quality as the first, you wind up with 3 diluted restaurants that nobody wants to go to anymore.

Plus this means in order to get Vinny content I'm now gonna have to deal with Alex. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

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I challenge all who have added me to come at my time in Temple Trouble!

92nd in the world. holy shit, easily my best ranking in any Trials game.

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I didn't have nearly enough people on my leaderboards in Evo, add me on PS4!

id: fazzle1

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10 months after release, and it's ALMOST at the point where it's playable! I'm so happy for them!

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I've run through Binding of Isaac multiple times no problem. I have NO IDEA what I'm doing in FTL, therefore I vote FTL.