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183818 ITL MARS Thing Overview This object was in modern warfare 2. 07/02/15 10:21AM 4 Approved
183817 NBA 2K10: Draft Combine Game Overview punctuation. 07/02/15 10:16AM 1 Approved
183816 Jerry Rice Character Overview pic placement. 07/02/15 10:15AM 1 Approved
183814 Jerry Rice Character Overview added pic. 07/02/15 10:13AM 7 Approved
183813 San Francisco 49ers Concept Overview added new Madden games. 07/02/15 10:08AM 6 Approved
183634 Ghost Character Overview Did not know about multiplayer skins that allow you to play as Ghost. 06/30/15 11:52PM 2 Approved
183633 FSB Concept Overview Adding Modern Warfare 2, because the FSB appear in the game. Don't know why it was taken out. 06/30/15 11:48PM 4 Approved
183632 Ghost Character Overview The character of Ghost does not in fact appear in Call of Duty: Ghosts franchise. 06/30/15 11:44PM 2 Approved
143986 San Francisco Giants Concept Overview I have 35k points. Anyway made a change and added current world champs. 11/01/14 07:28AM 6 Approved