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I still can't believe this. Rest in peace Ryan. I've been following you and the crew since the gamespot days. I always respected your opinion and looked up to you. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting you at pax east 2011, you gave me a complement on the mustache I had at the time and it was the highlight of my entire pax. I just want to thank you for all the years of insightful opinions, stupid nonsense and pure entertainment you've given me and everyone else. You and Jeff were the backbone of this website, and with you now gone I feel like half the website is gone as well. Things won't be the same but we'll pull through, and continue the legacy you helped create. See you in another life brotha.

-Matt C.

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I got the Deluxe bundle with New Super Mario Bros. U and ZombiU. I also want to get Scribblenauts Unlimited and mabey Tank! Tank! Tank! but at a later date.

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Wow. That is some good journalism Patrick! If this is the kind of stuff that's getting revealed now I can't image what the trial will bring. Keep up the good work Patrick.

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Portal 2, red dead redemption, metal gear solid 1-4. Those are some of my favorites.

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I wouldn't say its the best but I really like the name Paxton Fettel from the Fear games.

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I was a huge fan of gamespot back in the day and it was my number one video game website. When Jeff was fired I was very upset but I kept going to the site because there was still other people there I liked such as Ryan, Alex, Vinney, Brad ect. At the time I didn't even think to check around the Internet to see if Jeff was posting things elsewhere (I was a kid at the time idk what I was thinking). A little while after Jeff left all the people I liked started leaving one by one. Then one day sometime in march 2008 I was looking at the comments from an on the spot video and someone posted a link to giant bomb. I quickly found out it was run by Jeff and Ryan and left gamespot and haven't looked back. I've been at giant bomb ever since.

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The stories now match up - think about this:

  • Steve and Jeff both help start the initial company and make it great.
  • They both make it so great - they get fired.
  • Steve and Jeff go on to do something else and make the new thing so great the original company buys them back.

At this point, Jeff will return and spend the next 10 years making GameSpot the greatest gaming website ever made... then die way too young.

Jeff is not going to make gamespot the greatest gaming website ever made. He is going to make Giant Bomb the greatest gaming website ever made. Remember the two websites are remaining separate so everything he dose will be on Giant Bomb.
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This news has made me feel uneasy. I completely trust everyone at Giant Bomb, I just don't trust CBS. However I'll follow these guys wherever they go. GIANT BOMB FOR LIFE.

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What a twist. Never would have expected this to happen.