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BC2 was horribly broken in so many ways (Gustav, AN-94, explosives in general) but it was incredibly fun and I got to it at the perfect time, so for me it's my favorite.

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Man I am so excited to lose myself in this game. I lost a couple hundred hours of my life to Warband and horse archery.

Never was good enough for the multiplayer but the singleplayer is just so unique.

Hope it's just as mod-friendly as M&B/Warband.

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So is this Beast Wars game or what?

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My only comment is that this series gets more fucked up with every installment

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@rorie It's probably a bad idea to ask people on the forums about this, as anyone who posts here is likely to check this site pretty religiously.

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He's just so dumb.

That's all I got.

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After seeing her YouTube profile name on a screenshot from a view pages back I tried to hunt down the video to no avail, turns out she's a Giant Bomb member.

Featured video is algorithmic gold.

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If someone could give me a hint(s) on how to deafeat Braccus Rex then that would be great. I've tried for hours total and I cannot do it, I am at Level 9. Since this is a spoiler free thread I just want tips, or feel free to send me a private message instead.

Easy way to cheese the fight if you're still having trouble is to use sneaking to block the spawnpoints of the bosses using the vases and candles that are in the room. The lava thing mentioned is also good.

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Nick "Fuck Nick" Breckon isn't joining them?

#10 Edited by finnith (35 posts) -

Yeah since interviews have been more common I've been wishing that the app could pull that in as well, if not only for playing on an external player.

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