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Hey duders. I picked up Shadow of Mordor during MS's Black Friday sale and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. I've gotten to the 4 Warchiefs mission, and now I'm just getting destroyed. To give a better sense of where I'm at:

  • Finished the early Gollum missions (up to the point where your ghost realizes who he is)
  • Have not finished the poison-all-the-Uruks mission (I gave it like 4 real shots and after the 5th time of the instant-fail on being caught I said fuck it)
  • Finished a handful of the challenge missions

What tends to happen is I get into combat, and I go from facing 5-8 bad guys (including whatever named Uruk I'm trying to take on) to suddenly being swarmed by 12-16, with a significant chance of 1-2 more named bad guys showing up. At that point, I'm about 40 seconds from being murdered. I was never amazing at the Arkham games combat but I did well enough that I beat Arkham Asylum and City. I feel like I'm missing some core concept or something that will make the game less of a ballbuster. So I'm coming to you fine folk. Any suggestions to make combat more manageable and/or some easily missed stealth tactic that can help with the poison mission?

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Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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Posted this on Twitter to Eric Pope. Figured I'd throw it here too.
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@Imsorrymsjackson said:

Both have different purposes so I like them both equally.


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I'm going team Executable Puppies

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Halo/Halo 2 sold me an Xbox.

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Piracy. With used sales there's a clear opportunity for that person to want to buy the sequel new (assuming the opportunity is there). With pirates, that chance is slim to none.

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What bad HD remakes are you talking about? It was my understanding that most of them were fairly good.

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I can't remember if I ever played Starcraft or Worms Armageddon online. The first game I remember playing online any significant amount was X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. Coincidentally, it was also my first guild.

TFA 4 lyfe.