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Great read, i think people treat Fish like shit because hes a easy target, hes going to lash out and its going to create a story. Its a shame, but the best thing he could do for himself is just ignore those people.

I remember a teacher in school telling me once that throwing a well placed brick at the right person could help make a career just as easy as building one yourself, and i think that's largely the case here.

Or because he is just an asshole that deserves it.

He may well be an arsehole - he doesn't deserve it though. No-one does.

So, as a disclaimer I don't know much about either of the two parties involved in this; I ain't played Fez and I haven't delved into the online shenanigans of Phil Fish, and I've seen like a few minutes of an "Annoyed Gamer" video and dismissed his style as one which I don't like.

But; when someone acts like a dick, it does not give you carte-blanche to act like a dick back, and this goes both ways. Both parties here are clearly in the wrong. If the Annoyed Gamer thinks he's got the right to demand interviews and verbally slag off someone because they've acted like a dick in the past, then he's wrong. If Phil Fish thinks he's got the right to fly off the handle because some guy with an online video series is telling him off, then he's wrong.

There is such a thing as rising above it, and it should be encouraged.

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I think that this is essentially the best thing that could have happened.

The ending is in all likelihood not going to be significantly changed because that'd represent too much work and it'd really rub people who liked the ending the wrong way; this will disappoint some (personally I'm reserving judgement until I've played it) because let's face it; the ending was bananas - but it's certainly throwing people a bone. Even though I hated the ending because it didn't make sense, I think the real emotional reason for me hating it was the fact that it threw all the characters I cared about into a giant mysterious scenario with no hint as to what would happen.

I also never, ever expected it to be free. This is something I'm very pleased about.

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@Milkman: So when consumer feedback is ignored the good guys win, and when it's taken into consideration (we still don't really know what the new content is gonna be) the bad guys win?