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@mano521: You don't get to choose what people are offended over. People can joke about what they want to, and people can get offended about what they want to. That's it really.

Now personally, I was one of those who were pretty disappointed about GBs new hires - I won't go over that whole debate again because it's been talked about an awful lot, but I must say Dan has been a lovely surprise. I like that's he's optimistic (although I think it can maybe be a little crazy when you're playing a really bad game like that rails shooter from the other day), I like his infectious laughter, I even like that he's so immensely ignorant about some things (how did he grow to be in his 30s with the diet he's had?); it gives him a sort of guileless charm. I've been watching his videos where he plays games with his dad; love them.

I will say that joke about deporting football fans makes me think he probably could stand to think a little harder about what he says.

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@jazz said:

  • After a wee bit I went into DOTA2 with the idea of picking up where I left off with the Agility heroes.
  • Funny to note, it's been a week but I still haven't played against people yet...don't think it would be fair to the rest of the team. Nor have I played all the heroes.
  • Started with Medusa. I liked some of her stuff - her mana snake thing is cool but too tanky for my liking. Slow I guess.
  • Naga Siren: A beautiful model and great fun to play..if I knew what I was doing. I can imagine her scream would set up well with Tide.
  • Mirana: Meh...giant meh.
  • Lone Druid: Items on the bear? What madness is this? He's cool..I seem to like playing characters that have extra..erm...characters? Which brings us to:
  • Phantom Lancer - I enjoyed myself so much with this guy I played him 3 times in a row. Once you have all your abilities up and attack speed up..good luck stopping this guy. By the end my illusions were killing the bots by themselves. Oh and then there's the vanish....
  • Necrophos - kinda cool I guess. His aura slows/stops regen which is nice and he has heals..pretty tanky but slow. The hook stun is great.
  • Razor - Boring but effective. Press Q to farm with not much movement needed.

  • I used bottles a lot more today - allowing you to stay in lane longer is always a good thing.
  • How do you level items? Diffusal blade (apparently a must have for PL) could be idea how.

- I wouldn't hold yourself to "playing all heroes" as a precursor to playing with others. I played a grand total of two or three bot-games when I dived into matchmaking (albeit with a team of similarly-skilled people), so I think you've already done far more preparation than many have.

- Medusa: she's very much the definition of a carry. She's the hero that'll win the 60-90 minute games if she gets good farm; with good farm she can destroy an enemy team pretty much single handedly.

- Naga is a great character; she can support or carry, and her ultimate is very, very useful. Having said that; her ultimate is also capable of ruining pretty much any good play you can think of; it works well to set up a Tide ultimate, but if the Tide uses it a little too soon; the ulti just did a fat lot of nothing. Communication and good timing are key to using that song right.

- Mirana - funny you don't like her because she's up there as one of the most-picked heroes in the pro-scene right now (or at least, that's my understanding as someone who barely follows the pro-scene). Her arrow is a really great long-ranged stun, her ultimate is super useful for escapes or for setting up plays (ganking and teamfights), her leap is an excellent escape/mobility skill, and her starfall gives you extra damage. She starts off fragile and with pretty low base damage, but she's a really strong hero.

- Lone Druid I find really complicated and counter intuitive. Apparently you're supposed to put the fun items on the bear. Maybe that's true, but I don't like that one bit. Having said that, playing against a Lone Druid who knows his stuff; terrifying. Truly terrifying.

- Phantom Lancer is another super-carry guy; with enough farm he can almost solo a whole team too (although funnily enough Medusa is a good counter to him because of split-shot making short work of his illusions).

- I don't play Necrophos much but he's cool. People have an annoying habit of building a Dagon on him which allows him to take a big chunk of your health off then use his ultimate to finish you off more-or-less instantly. It's gimmicky, but it works well if you're snowballing ahead.

- Razor is pretty great, and has the amazing benefit of being able to make an enemy right-click damage hero completely ineffective with his damage drain ability. I've not played him much though.

- Bottles are awesome, but tend to be given to one, *maybe* 2 players on a team. The reason is because you can refill them with runes. The classic bottle carrier is a mid hero who has sight on at least one of the rune spots (from wards), and can use their bottle charges fairly freely because every 2 minutes a new run comes along and when they pick it up, it goes in their bottle and with it refills all 3 charges. This is contingent on the other team letting you do this of course.

- Levelled items (Diffusal Blade is one (has level 1 and 2 variants), as are Necronomicon (Level 1, 2, and 3 variants) and Dagon (goes from level 1 to level 5)) are upgraded by buying the recipe for that item. For example; a Diffusal Blade level 1 is built from 2 blades of alacrity, a robe of the magi, and a diffusal blade recipe. If you buy another diffusal blade recipe, it'll upgrade to level 2.

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With regards to jungling, and when to do it;

So I've mentioned before, the classic laning setup at the beginning of a game is 2 safelane, 1 middle, 2 offlane. However, there are heroes who excel at being on the offlane (or more rarely the safelane) on their own without needing another hero to keep them safe (they tend to be called "offlaners"). This means your 5th hero can either be on the safelane (which becomes a "trilane" as there are three heroes on it) - but this is risky because the experience is shared between 3 heroes instead of 2 and levelling will become very slow - risking an underlevelled team. So, there are some heroes who can (with the right build) start out in the jungle at level 1, making the lanes 2 on safelane, 1 on middle, 1 on offlane, 1 in jungle.

A few heroes who can do this fairly well; Enchantress (she has a skill which allows her to take over an enemy or neutral creep, allowing it to tank and do damage for her in the jungle), Enigma (he can turn an enemy or neutral creep into 3 allied creeps, fighting for him), Lifestealer (he has an excellent lifestealing (go figure) skill which gives him sustainability in the jungle), Chen (has a similar skill to Enchantress, with similar advantages), Ursa (his fury swipes skill allows him to kick out a lot of damage, and people tend to build lifestealing items on him very quickly), Axe (he has a skill that gives him a chance to do a high-damage attack every time he is attacked). A good first buy for melee junglers who are actually fighting the neutral creeps is a stout shield, and a good first item on almost any jungler (at least ones that are trying to carry) is a Hand of Midas (this item can be used every 90 seconds to turn an enemy or neutral creep into 190 gold and 4x experience for you).

In essence, the jungle can be used to attempt to get more farm for more heroes, although it does require you to be wary of people ganking in your jungle, as well as having a good offlaner who can survive 2-3 enemy heroes on their lane. Also, the jungle can be used late-game for heroes to just get a bit of farm when the lanes aren't looking safe (example; they are too pushed out and enemy heroes are alive).

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@jazz: Welp, I was gonna add you on steam so I could say "hey, if you want any pointers then feel free to ask" but I searched for "jazzy_p" and found some guy in America who hasn't played Dota for a year, so I dunno what's going on there.
If you want me to say "hey, if you want any pointers then feel free to ask" then you can add "Fiyenyaa" and I'll be happy to oblige.

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Day 3 was interesting. It's funny that you think Warlock is OP because he's had a fairly major nerf relatively recently. The golems used to do damage when they were summoned as well as the stun; this meant if you got the fatal bonds on the enemy team (the skill that means if you damage one person affected by it, all the other units affected by it take a potion of that damage) then you did a massive amount of damage to them all when the golems hit. Now the damage just comes from the golems. Warlock used to be one of my favourite supports, but I've really fallen out of love with him. Maybe it's because I used to have an 80% winrate with him and I don't want to ruin it? :P

I think your conclusions from day 3 are pretty spot on. For a support, you want to be focusing on denying the friendly creeps and allow the carry on lane to kill the enemy creeps. Speed and positioning are *super* important, which is why every hero wants to get some kind of boots sooner or later.

By the way, if you like number and stats, then you should check out Dotabuff. It's really interesting (at least to someone like me) to see how you stack up compared to other people; here's my profile. I only just realised I've played like 70% of my matches on the Dire side. Weird!

Anyway, if you like direct-damage intelligence heroes, you should check out Lina. She has a decent area nuke, an area stun, a pretty good passive, and her ultimate is just "lots of damage to a single target". Once your done checking out Strength and Agility characters, maybe you'll be able to tell what you've enjoyed the most.

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@y2ken said:

Oh and a follow-up to @fiyenyaa - I believe the default Attack-Move key (in both games, in fact) is A (then left-click). Do that on one of your friendly dudes in Dota and you'll lose tower aggro. Dota towers are generally a lot less dangerous at early levels than their League equivalents, but you don't want them shooting you nonetheless if you can avoid it.

Ah right, from the RTS roots no doubt. I've rebound attack-move to space, because I want it to be easy to find and I use ASDZXC as my item keys.

As far as your opinions on unlocking stuff goes @jazz - I feel where you're coming from because I love progression systems and unlocking stuff - but I think in a game like Dota (and I guess League, but I've never played it so I can't say) it's nice to have nothing meaningful locked behind a paywall. Even the most casual 5v5 friendly match is competitive at heart, and not being able to use most characters from the get-go sounds kind of nuts to me.

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@jazz said:

Quick question. Can you download your replays or do you need a capture device/card for that sort of thing?

For dota, if you click on your picture on the main screen, go to "games played", you can click on of them and download the replay, no extra software needed.

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@jazz said:

@darkstalker: Well, DOTA2 is bots at the moment, and so far I've had half and half good Co-Op AI games in LoL. Of all of the modes, in beginner, you'd think people would be more accepting generally of people trying to learn..but sometimes that isn't the case. People take internet/games seriously for some bizarre reason.

@galiant: Glad you enjoyed's worrying but the rabbit hole seems to be drawing me in.

@fiyenyaa: Thanks for the tips, especially the lane stuff. Very helpful to get the rough concept of how that's supposed to playout.

Now what's the general etiquette for pinging? Cause some people go all ping crazy...I'm still not sure how to ping in LoL (DOTA it's alt-click I think?)

The community for both these games are awful. If you can, try to team up with some people who you can play with who are *around* your skill level. Failing that, you could play with someone who is willing to teach you, but people who can do that well are few and far between. I help teach people first aid stuff in real life and consider myself a pretty calm person, but teaching people Dota? I turn into a mean-spirited grumpy bastard. Something about it stresses me out, not sure why. Maybe that's what happens to everyone who plays this game, and that's why the community is so bad?

As for pinging, I'd say keep it to a minimum, because if you're pinging all the time people will ignore it. There are actually 2 pings in Dota 2; the normal alt-click one, and the ctrl-alt-click one which is the "warning ping" (it's higher-pitched, and has a cross in the middle). People in public matches apparently use the normal ping for "attack this guy/move here" and the warning ping for "move away from here" (this isn't a hard and fast rule, not only because not everyone behaves the same way but also because I've never played a game of dota without at least 2 other friends on my team, and 95% of them have been full 5-people teams so I'm not too familiar with pub-etiquette).

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@jazz said:
Dota2 has great UI and just general design but boy is there a lot going on here.
  • Picked 'beginner' as my level. Turns out that was a mistake.
  • Character designs: I prefer LoL, at least they have names rather than 'Dragon Knight'..seriously? Does he henshin? I bet he does.
  • He does. Should have called him Ryuki.
  • I really shouldn't have picked 'beginner'. Not designed for people who have played anything like an RTS before. I know how to click a mouse..thank you.
  • Oh this tree heal thing is pretty cool.
  • Courier's for items? That's a great idea.
  • Graphically it's what I would call a smoother version of Warcraft mixed with Pixar. I don't like Pixar. Yes I have no soul.
  • you need to speak every time I click where to tell you to go. I know this is based on Warcraft but seriously? I wonder if there's an option to turn this off.
  • Not going well..lets finish off this tutorial and get into a botmatch..
  • So all characters are unlocked? To me that's a good thing and a bad thing. More player choice is always great sense of progression through the master of unlocking? Probably just a personal thing..geeze these guys all look the same.
  • Drow..always bet on the Drow with a bow.
  • Right Botmatch..I'm going mid. I don't know which role I should be playing but archers are usually DPS..I should probably read up about this.
  • Err..shouldn't I have someone in this lane with me? Bots..anyone?
  • Abilities are similar to Ashe which is cool..but she doesn't seem to be an all out DPS character. Wind push thing is this a major component? Pushing the other team off weaker supports? Ice arrows are great for picking off other Champions or whatever they're called.
  • two towers by myself and the bots finally turn up..this is pretty cool too. Way more to take into consideration that LoL - I mean, wards? WTF. Accessibility is helped by the guides but..more work needs to be done here on my part.
  • Oh I got some drops. A cape and shoulders for someone I don't play...great.
  • money money money money money....I wonder how much Brad has spent.

I know there was a lot more negativity towards DOTA2, but that's purely because I played it's not an overall commentary on the game itself. As HS said to me - DOTA2 is better but it takes longer to appreciate than LoL.

Edit: Day 2: 7/7/14

Showtime da!

Thanks for all the comments earlier. Honestly I will limit this to one a day so not to appear spammy.

For Day 2 I thought I'd switch around stuff and take DOTA2 first. I made notes during my dead times - so lots of notes. DOTA I play by myself with bots.

  • Tried Windranger - she seems fun and mostly an assist kill character. Item selections seems very important.
  • Big thing to note. Tower projectiles. Having played LoL first I was used to the green circle showing its range and whether you aggro it. Perhaps it's the noob in me, but the random aggro I got sometimes, even with pulls infront of me and the INSANE tracking distance annoyed the hell out of me..but you die, you learn.
  • Tried Luna next - that is not a Scots accent.
  • Stayed in the middle lane, upgraded her glaive and pew pew...ult and got 3 kills. Thats fun. Again I see the WoW Dark Elf thing here..but gods that accent.
  • Tried bounty hunter after listening to Brad talk about him on Idle Thumbs DOTA podcast..nope. Not for me.
  • Fire Ember? Nope
  • Juggernaut..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha everything died.

In summary - learning characters against the AI before deciding who to main at the beginning seems like a good idea. Time to read up on lanes and who needs to be where. Thank the gods for all that time playing CC or Kite in MMOs. Good stuff with DOTA2 today.

OK, I found this very interesting. I've been playing Dota 2 for about 2 years, got over 1,500 games played and I've probably spent about £50 on cosmetics/items/stupid wizard hats (although that includes money made from selling steam inventory stuff, so actual money spent may be less).

Few pointers;

- Yes you can switch off unit speech; you can have them speak all the time, speak only when "events happen" (such as kills, certain hero pairs on lanes, etc), or never.

- They are called Heroes in Dota, no Champions - although who actually cares?

- Middle lane is usually just one player except with some very rare strategies. The classic lane lineup is 2 on safe lane (which is top for Dire and bottom for Radiant), 1 on middle, 2 on offlane (bottom for Dire and top for Radiant). In the lanes with 2 heroes on, usually one will take the last hits (i.e. earning the gold) and the other will try to facilitate this. Sometimes you have other lane variations; you can have 2 on the safe lane, 1 on mid, 1 on offlane, and one in the jungle (some heroes can use the jungle npcs to kill and get gold and experience, although most heroes are not viable for this at level 1).

- Drow is pretty much an all-out DPS character. Her damage dramatically ramps up when you get to level 6 and get her ultimate ability, which adds a load of agility (her primary stat, so she gets damage from it) as long as enemy heroes aren't next to her. Also, damage with most heroes is contingent to a large degree on the items you get; buying items that increase agility or just simply damage with add to this. Her whirlwind ability does slightly move the heroes away from it, but the real use of it *most* of the time is the silence; when a hero is silenced it cannot use any of it's active spells.

- Wards are vital. Wards win matches. If you are a support, buy wards for your team all the time. If your team isn't buying wards, but them for your team. Knowing where the enemy team is allows you to win.

- Tower aggro works roughly as follows. If nothing is attacking the tower, it'll attack the first thing in range. If something is attacking the tower, it'll attack the closest thing attacking it. If a tower is attacking you and you're not the closest thing to it, you can get the aggro off you by either moving out of range (the long/inefficient way to do it), or by attacking a friendly creep which is also attacking the tower (use the attack-move button, which I cannot remember the default key for for the life of me).

- Luna's accent is I *think* supposed to be Irish. It is an affront to the ears.

Hope you keep trying these games and GLHF!

Oh also; I hate hate hate lore names. Use the name that the game says it is when you pick it. Worse are the names that people use because of dota 1. "Furion" isn't in Dota 2. He's a warcraft character. AH! (I am a total hypocrite because I still call Io "Wisp").

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