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Short and sweet review this time :D 0

I am going to keep this one short, summarising each of the good and parts into the good and the bad section, instead of writing an essay, this will be a fairly easy to read review!The game takes place in London, year 2038. After a rift to Hell opened up and demons scoured the world the remnants of humanity have hidden in the rubble. You, however, are not satisfied to simply survived, and have begun to fight back and try to find a way to close the rifts. While the game isn't too bad as far as bl...

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Compulsory for any fan of action games! 1

My initial impression of "Max Payne" was a very good one. I waited and waited for the titles' release date from the first day I heard of it. I wasn't into PC gaming back when it was originally announced in the year of 1997 but rather when it was hyped up in early 2001. The game was said to be released in late July of that very year; I could hardly contain my excitement. I had read about the spectacular graphics (powered by the Max-FX engine), the non-stop gun fights, the detailed physics, and of...

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Good, but gets boring fast! 1

I really wanted to like this game. I waited a bit to buy it, and bought it along with its first expansion pack (Spearhead) which I haven't played yet. I won't say I disliked it, but I can't rave about it. It just wasn't that much fun to play. There are a lot of good things about the game, a lot of mediocre things, and some things that need fixing. Maybe the expansion will be better. The good, it gives an excellent scope of feel, at times, of battlefield conditions. The beach landing at Normandy ...

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Not great, but it is worth a gander if you don't have it! 7

In this game you’re JC Denton, a nanotechnology-augmented secret agent (think Six-million Dollar Man meets Terminator, in a trench coat and dark glasses). The story revolves around the standard bleak future-world plot: illuminati, conspiracies, deadly viruses etc. Add a few more random plot points from favourite bleak future-world movies/books and you won’t be far off.The sound is below average. Machine gun fire sounds like a looped sound clip in a painfully obvious way. Voice acting is OK, good...

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Very admirable effort by Bioware 0

KotOR is a very admirable effort by Bioware, renowned for its excellent Baldur's Gate fantasy role-playing series, to bring its expertise to the Star Wars universe. Overall, the effort pays off handsomely, and I would rank this game as the best use of the Star Wars license, with the exception of Jedi Outcast. It has a suitably epic story, Bioware's typically high-quality character development, and easy-to-learn and enjoyable gameplay. There are a few problems with KotOR, but in general, it is we...

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Not a fan of PS3 games, but this is good! 0

PS3'S DEFINING FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER? When the Playstation 3 launched on November 17, 2006, one of the most anticipated titles to be released exclusively alongside Sony's third console was Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man. Resistance: Fall of Man's story is set in an alternate reality... a world where World War II never took place. Instead, an alien race known as the Chimera mysteriously appear and attempt to wipe out the entire human race. You will assume the role of Nathan Hale, an Americ...

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A great Xbox game, and now a great PC game! 0

I'm not going to mindlessly praise this game, so please don't skip over because of the high rating I gave it. I'm not some mindless fanboy here to tell you this is the greatest game ever, it isn't. This will be an honest consideration of the game as a whole. First, the game has a good story. They went to some trouble to make it interesting and keep up the surprises. There is good transition and you meet the right mix of characters for a given situation. There isn't really a moment where you find...

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Excellent! GTA3 but better :D 0

Grand Theft Auto 3 redefined video gaming. There's no doubt about it. It, more like he, stomped through the industry with a puffed up chest, a pissed off attitude and a really big gun. He proved that in a game, you could do absolutely ANYTHING, and not worry about the consequences, because there was always the little green button that said "reset." He was a game that created memories, a game that gave us experiences we talked about with our friends. He was a game that put video games on the map ...

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Great addition to the Gamecube 0

Anyone who knows anything about video games knows that Mario is perhaps the industry’s most recognizable figure. Yeah, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is sexier and Sonic the hedgehog may be a bit hipper, but the fact remains that Mario, for all intents and purposes, is single-handedly responsible for keeping the home video game market alive. Not bad for an overweight Italian plumber (no offence to any overweight Italian plumbers who may be reading this, of course).The Super Mario legacy has been stron...

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An old gem that is worth buying! 0

Battlefield 1942 is a multiplayer game. The single player option is an afterthought but you can use it as a means to practice flying or learn some tricks. The heart of the gameplay contains a living, breathing battlefield that allows for endless options in an immersive World War 2 environment. Battlefield 1942 should appeal to history buffs, First Person Shooter fans, online gamers, and strategists alike. In other words, most gamers will find this to be one of the best online games ever made and...

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Well after seeing the videos of the game first, it looked VERY 3D compared to the first Sims game! And indeed it is fully 3D this time around! I like the game fine, but I am going to tell you my complaints right now. First, the addition of DNA and genetics and really REALLY good life like animations (especially of toddlers) is great. But there isn't much choice for clothing, furniture, wallpapers for your house, etc. Seems to me Maxis will have a huge expansion ready to go soon, and they know mi...

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FF series is becoming old... 1

The Final Fantasy series is old and tired. Each new installment is an exerise in boredom as Square takes the same old game and dresses it up in new graphics.With that said, I had a surprisingly good time with Final Fantasy 9. It is still quite tedious in spots and has most of the same faults of the rest of the series. None the less, Final Fantasy 9 does manage to capture some of the old fun from way back when the series was still a bit creative.It is a real pity that Square had to move *backward...

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My H3 review ported over from GS 0

(Old review that I wrote on GS)Halo’s popularity isn’t doing it any favors. The flagship title for the 360 before the console even hit stores, Halo 3 might be the most highly anticipated game ever made. It sold more copies from pre-orders alone than most games make in total sales. Following two nearly perfect entries, and under the burden of being the final chapter to the biggest storyline in gaming, it can’t help but disappoint. Against all odds, Halo 3 doesn’t disappoint. The story picks up ...

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