Uni, or "College" and Soul Calibur

So i'm back at Uni for my second year. Just moved into a new flat which is in an awesome old building and i have a MASSIVE room, i'll upload some pictures later on.

Only problem is i don't have an internet connection, i'm currently leaching off someone elses in the building (yus!) but i get the feeling that's gonna get stopped pretty soon, and i kinda need a faster one. SO this could be the last blog in a  while, or last anything for that matter!

And Soul Calibur 4. I really can't tell if i'm enjoying this or not. I am some of the time, but then it feels like i'm just ploughing through a test. And meeting the Apprentice in arcade is just fucking lame, so very very lame. How's everyone else finding it?


Get to Morrison's!!!!

If you live in the UK, otherwise ignore this.

I was in Morrison's doing the weekly shop today and it seems they have seriously mispriced their games. PS3 and 360 games are £25 new, so picked up Soul Calibur4 just cos it was so cheap! They had MGS, GTA, Bad Company, and a couple of others i can't remember, but you can't go wrong with a new game for 25 smackers


Music thing

So i'm in a band/I write and play my own songs and all that jazz, but on a much more important note, me and a friend have decided to do a bunch of hip hop covers, not 100% seroius at all, but if you wanna check them out:




It's been a while....

Hello everyone! So yeah, it's been ages since i did one of these, and the last couple were pretty poor, and this one isn't much better, just thought i'd update my situation.

Basically i've been in Paris and Barcelona with the girlfriend for a bit, so i haven't exactly gamed. However when i was in those places i thought i'd check out game prices to see how they compare to here in England, and hopefully pick up a few cheap deals. I've got to say, i feel so sorry for people who live in Europe (not classing the UK in that), the games were like 70 Euros, and not even new ones. I saw Assassin's Creed in a shop for 70 euros, which is about 58 english pounds, so maybe 100 dollars, which is CRAZY. I didn't manage to find any second hand game shops or anything, so yeh, feeling pretty bad for mainland Europeans at the moment.

Another reason i ahven't posted any blogs is that my gaming life really isn't very exciting at the moment. I have no money until my student loan goes in on the 22nd so i've been spending no money on anything other than travelling. All i've been playing is GTA, Skate and MGS, but mostly GTA. I'm at the stage now where i'm just walking around and getting all the places memorised, and i'm not doing purely to memories it, i'm just really enjoying walking round the city.

I'm sorry again for a boring blog, but hopefully they'll be back on form once i get my loan in!


Gaming Update and Painful Video!

Haven't posted a blog in a while, so i thought i'd just update my current gaming situation and maybe throw some other ideas around.

What i'm playing now:

Ratched and Clank Future TOD; so i went and bought it after reccomendation from Rezzolution and a couple of other guys, and it was £15 new, so that's cool. I'm really enjoying it. It's taken me about 3 hours to really "get it" but now i'm loving it. Before the three hour mark i wasn't really having fun, i was just ploughing through it, which wasn't bad, but it wasn't quite the experience i was hoping for. Now i'm past that moment it's great: still a little too gun-centric for my liking, not enough platforms. I may post a review up when i finish it.

Uncharted: Yes ok, i'm only playing it because of trophies, BUT; it started out as me wanting to get 1 trophy to just see what it was like etc. Whilst trying to get that one trophy it reminded me how fun the game was, and now i'm just playing through it again. I'm not trying the specific things you need to do to get trophies, just playing it. Trophies seem a bit pointless too as it's just the "Rewards" that were in uncharted anyway, only now you can check  them on the home screen. (I'm also rewatching ALL the Marx Brothers films and i need a game that i can just play with the sound down so i can watch and play)

Lego Star Wars: STILL haven't finished it, as i'm not powering through it anymore. I'm at 94.9% i think, just need to get the rest of the blue minikits and i'm done. On about 42 hours of play.

GTA4 online: So i'm starting to enjoy it, when you're playing with friends. And i mean locally, not online, as i don't really know any GTA players online and don't have a headset. But get a couple of mates over and play free mode and it's remarkably fun!

I'm getting quite excited about Little Big Planet now, as it's only a month or so away, it's looking like a game i can really just get completely involved with, and get stuck in. Only problem is i'm moving into a new flat for uni in september and it's not the most secure atm, so it looks like i may not take my ps3 up with me.

And in a sidenote, Conor Oberst's new album is fucking amazing. It's really not radically different to the stuff he did as "bright eyes" by any means. Which means it's full of awesome.

I'll leave you with this:


ps1 revival and Echochrome

Recently i've been playing through my old ps1 games; lots of Croc and Crash 2, becuase they're AMAZING. Crash Bandicoot 2 is verging on painfull frustrating due to the phyics in it not being what they are today. I'm finding it trick just getting back into the control scheme so that i can actually make the jumps i'm trying to make.

Croc is just as good as i imagined. I was too young to know if this is a really well respected game, but it sure as hell should be. There's some really inspired level design and the boss battles are surprisingly good and really quite unique. They also seem to have allowed for the lame physics a bit more than Crash has, becuase they make the platforms big enough to land on even if the game messes up. Main problem with it is the camera and getting croc to turn around, causing a little frustration.

Finally Echochrome, i downloaded the demo last night after ages of wanting it (and just not realising it was out) and it's amazing! The response time is  alittle slow so often your character falls through something jus becuase you couldn't move the platform in time. But anyway, it's a really inspired and clever little game. I really want the full game of it but it's £7 (so like, $15) which seems a lot for a PSN puzzle game download. Anyone got the whole thing?


Some uninteresting musings. + Skate 2 Trailer

Well, i finished Skate today which i have mixed feelings about. As you may have read previously, i didn't enjoy the challenges much, at all, they were too frustrating. However i did manage to get them all done, or a sufficient amount to "finish" the game. Only now i've finished, the game feels a bit empty. Skating around is losing its fun, and online is just an unclimbable mountain. I must admit playing with a friend last night, locally, was the most fun i've had on a game in a long time though, so maybe i should just get people round to play it. How have you guys found it after finishing?

Couple of other things, i downloaded the Bad Company and Dark Sector demoes, out of interest/lack of anything else to do more than anything. Bad company was fun, but it really didn't seem like a game i could get stuck into, i just felt like i was following commands that didn't really effect much, and that everything was exploding no matter what i did. I was actually really impressed with Dark Sector, and i thik this is because my expectations were SO SO low. I'd just heard such mediocre things about it, and the glaive is surprisingly fun. The shooting left a bit to be desired and the level did get a bit stale, so i think i'll be avoiding purchasing it.

Does anyone have Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction? I LOVED the first ratchet and clank but the newer ones have all seemed a bit emptier and more focussed on gunplay, whereas i'm a platforming man at heart. Is TOD any different/good? I'm contemplating buying it becuase it's only £14.99 preowned on Amazon which is a great deal if it's worth it.

(also gonna nail a bunch of hitchcock tonight as i can't sleep)

This looks quality:


Lego awesome

I just got all 160 gold bricks on lego star wars the complete saga after about a month and a half of on and off playing. Feels awesome, although i can't help but think the reward for getting all 160 is a bit poo. For those of you who don't have the game/haven't go all 160 bricks, it gves you a statue in the cantina that constantly throws out studs, and which also unlocks all the extras for you. So now i have a 3840x score multiplier, but nothing to spend the winnings on :S

Oh well, it's still awesome.

only 10% left before the 100 mark!

/pointless blog


I are comfortable.

Today i came to the realisation that, for the first time since i got into gaming, i'm completely happy/comfortable with my current games. I mean, i'm not just killing time before the next release anymore.
I was one of those people that didn't get a ps3 until a couple of months ago, but i spent the year prior just OD-ing on info and videos on the net. So ever since getting the ps3 i've just been finally getting my hands on all the games i wanted before. I would be fine with my current collection for probably about a year, without getting any new games, and it's a great feeling. The main games i'm talking about are;

  • MGS4
  • GTA4
  • Skate
  • Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

I mean, i have Uncharted, Resistance, The Darkness aswell, but i've played nothing but these 4 games since the release of gta4, and i'm still just as hyped about each of them as i was when i first got them. They're all great games, Skate's probably the less durable of the lot, but the online should keep it going a little longer. I'm still ploughing through lego star wars, almost reached the 70% mark today after about 27 hours of gameplay, and i haven't looked at the online yet.
MGS and GTA offline are still going strong, i just finished GTA again and i'm working on my drebin points situation on MGS, so once that gets old, i'm sure to see how the online holds up.

Are you guys in a similar position? Or what would your list of games be if you were only allowed to play a few for the rest of your life.

(also, the music from Super Mario Land one is so much better than i remember)


So apparently yes, a blog that in someway relates to gaming should be a glog marioncobretti :)

However, this is the ultimate in blogs as it will contain not only games, but films too, a glogflog if you will. And don't worry i'll stop here before i get carried away.

Today i finally got  a slice of Portal, a game that i've been wanting to see for ages and ages but i'm not paying £40 and i'm shit with downloading. From the breif bit of gameplay i saw (at a friend's house) it was just as i expected. I mean, exactly as expected; just as clever, funny, intriguing, confusing as i expected. Although it did make me feel more motion sickness than i had anticipated.
Also started playing Crash Bandicoot 2 again today becuase i bought it for £1 at a car boot sale-y thing a couple of weeks ago. Got onto level 2, and amidst my nostalgic-orgasm it froze, so i'm gonna clean it and try again later.

The flog aspect of this glogflogblog or whatever it is, is the fact i saw The Dark Knight again today; the unlimited cinema card i have (£11.99 a month) entitles me to such repeated viewings. And unsurprisingly, my view hasn't changed an awful lot, other than Bale wasn't as good as i remember him being. Also the thought occured that it would have worked much better as a TV series, rather than a film of random scenarios.
Also saw the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which needless to say, was awesome.

It's FAR too hot here tonight, so it may well be another night of bomb-editing.