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Glad to see the games back on Steam and to see that Ubisoft wasn't too proud to admit their mistake.

I totally get why they don't want to pay Valve a fee when they have their own store - but Steam is where the gamers are, so if they want sales it would be dumb not to sell there even if the revenue is lower than in Uplay

If they want Uplay to be a real alternative to Steam they need to make it worth yet another client, library and friends list for the consumers and that won't come easy nor cheap ( as EA have learned with Origin )

It's not like they don't pay Microsoft or Sony for games on their consoles/stores, or Origin for that matter, so... yeah.. get over it Ubisoft or best Steam/Origin by creating a client worth using..

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I learned my lesson with Origin - and while I would have bought all 3 games I will now find other things to spend my money on as I will not use yet another gaming client and most certainly not uPlay!

Such a dumb move by Ubisoft - sure Valve's fee is high, but it also comes with 30 million customers - happy I'm not a shareholder!

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Kinda pi**ed right now after discovering that upcoming Ubisoft games will not be available on Steam despite having been available for preorder for months..

Also I'm very puzzled by that choice as it will be a very costly move for them to lose out on so many Steam users..

Yes, Valve takes a fee for selling games on Steam, but that fee brings 30 million potential customers, so not completely unfair..

I learned my lesson the hard way withEA's Origin and will not spread out on yet another gaming client - it's not that I don't want to play their games, but with so many alternatives I don't want another gaming client.

( man I'm happy I'm not a UBI shareholder )

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I think the server excuse is total bullshit. I think they made a below-average game and they know it. Floating out a free version will totally eat into initial sales and they're going to need them because that's about all the sales they're going to get.

Probably spot on - sadly..

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Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Witcher 2, Last of US, Mass Effect are pretty good story driven games that still stands the test of time..

If into openworld games, one can't really go wrong with Fallout 3 or GTAV..

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"The Last Ninja" ( cartridge version ) for my Commodore 64..

Money aside ( I paid 600 DKK back then - that's around $195 modern day USD ) that game wasn't very good and I was too young to enjoy ( or play ) it, so my total play time - after spending all my savings and having to wait for weeks while the store had it ordered home from abroad - is at best under 90min ( and not a second of that time was enjoyable ) :(

( in more recent times.. Grid 2 )

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@dagas said:

Today was the day for the Swedish election and pretty much the only party that got more votes than last time was the racist party. Sweden used to be a country that stood up for equality for all and even if the majority of people still believe in that, it is clear that we are heading for darkes times.

When a tolerant nation opens up to so many refugees and immigrants from conflict zones as Sweden does, then it puts a strain on a nation and when the politicians are furthermore so political correct ( and scared of debate ) that noone dares talk about the issues and conflicts the citizens faces then the everyman's votes will go to the one person that does speak the cause of concern

So it is as such no different from when the Pirate Party came about - when the mainstream parties do not dare touch the topic the public wants to see handled they will vote for parties that does ( multi-party democracy 101 )

If you want a Sweden without right, or left wing parties, the center parties needs to grow a pair and deal with the issues that challenge the nation - until then the votes will go to those who deals with the issues that bothers the public..

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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It's not that fun can't be had with Watch Dogs.. it's just so mediocre compared to it's rivals..

In lack of better I think it's good that it comes out on the WiiU for those who only have that console, but unless a person is dying for an open world game I wouldn't recommend buying it..