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So I'm I the only one who can't play the game yet?

Bought and downloaded the game and started it, got about 10min in and a message pops up with "Installing 40%" with the only option being quiting the game...

16 hours later and various tries I'm finally at 97% but seriously WTF???

And I thought the install process on PS3 was bad.. never have I had a game install for an entire day... :(

I'm guessing it's pulling some data from the internet, but with a 50mbit connection a couple GB should be minuttes not hours..

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3 kids and a wife on a single salery seems rather much, especially in a nation like the US with very limited welfare services..

Like others I also wonder why you would have so many children without making sure your economy can support them and that you have back up savings incase things went sour..

But done is done I guess, so now it's all about cutting down on everything - so if possible move into a cheaper home, cut all the unnessesary expenses such as cable TV, car, internet sites, phone subscriptions etc etc and start paying off the debt that will surely come from getting into that situation ASAP even if thet means second or third job until your wife can work.. yeah it sucks, but 3 kids is a choice and it's a choice that means that they are your top priority now over everything else and a responsibility that you have chosen and should do all you can to live up to! You need to give them a good childhood and you need to make sure they get to go to college and can make it on their own ( or you will be stuck with them even longer ;) )

Good luck mate!

#3 Posted by Freki (104 posts) -

Noooooo - this is hard to believe and sad beyond words...

Like so many he and Jeff was the best part of Gamespot and when they left so did I - then Giant Bomb came and since then the videos and podcasts have gotten me through many many hours of work and to not have him as such a big part of my life after so many years seems completely unreal..

My thoughts goes out to his new wife, his family, friends and the GIant Bomb crew - may he rest in peace and forever be remembered for all the fun he brought in to so many people's life..

Ryan - thanks for making so many years of my life better, thanks for the great work that made going to work a joy when there were a new podcast out or reviews or quick look, thanks for bringing me info and knowledge and for getting me hyped about games I would otherwise have missed.. thanks for everything mate - RIP

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Great news about Mirror's Edge 2 ( though not exactly the world's best kept secret ) - really looking forward to more..

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Lost all interest when it was clear it was just going to be Sim Village 2 with tiny districts and super heros so luckily stayed with CitiesXL Platinum ( Sim City 4 fans should give that a go ) and now that it's clear just how much a mess the launch is I'm really starting to apriciate just how sceptical I have become with age regarding both reboots of old franchises, but certainly also EA

Feel bad about those who lost money and time and still can't play.. but are also wondering why they haven't learned the lesson to wait for reviews and launch before buying games

#6 Posted by Freki (104 posts) -

Looks awesome guys! :)

#7 Posted by Freki (104 posts) -

I feel bad for those who got scammed by Sergey and his team - I hope they get their legal come'up'ings and that DayZ's standalone will not be affected by this..

#8 Posted by Freki (104 posts) -

No.. I'm very conservative about saving, but if s**t really does hit the fan I like the option to redo a few moves or if nessesary the mission..

So far I've gone by without loading saves, but who knows what the future brings - lots of badarse aliens to encounter is sounds like, so I like to have the option there..

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The cover system could certainly had been better and some terrain breaks too easily - but over all I like it..

No doubt it sucks to get wounded that in real life could not have been hit, but I've also hit some aliens that I shouldn't be able to hit so at least it seems like it's the same for both sides..

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing an update, but it looks like it's deeply rooted in the game, so probable not easily fixed..

In any case I love the game and can live with it, just as I can live with occationally missing 76% shots.. the tension and risk of death or injury is part f what makes it great..

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Except having played part of it as part of the Demo I like how it eased you into the game.. and those who don't can just turn it off, so IMO it was done quite well ( the demo should just have been different so it wasn't something you had already tried )

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