PSP on the way

I finally bought a PSP today. I took advantage of Kmart's sale of the Assassin's Creed PSP bundle for $129.99. It was more like $150 after tax and shipping though. I'm excited to play with it. I have a list of games I want to play, but I'm going to try and slow myself to playing just one game at a time. I don't know anything about the PSP. I've actually never even held one, but I have been watching it for a long time. I'm excited to watch movies in bed and while traveling. I have Zune HD, so I suppose it will be a similar experience. I am thinking I might be able to replace my Zune with the PSP as a music and video player if it works out. Zune does have an OLED screen which is super nice, but honestly when the screen is so small it hardly matters.