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The video game trailer could be the minute and a half of a game that makes you spend your cash. It’s got to be entertaining on it’s own and yet sell you a game that you’ll be spending hours to months of time experiencing. Condensing the feeling of a game even just a 5 hour long game into that kind of time requires a talent most game designers don’t have.

Yesterday Activision released the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game that probably wouldn’t even need a trailer to be successful. But for myself it was odd that it actually has me interested in the title now. I haven’t played a CoD game since the original Modern Warfare and honestly the original for PC is still my favorite one. I don’t care for shooters in general but this is on my list to watch now. Sometimes even the most successful franchise needs this marketing ploy to garner a new audience or bring back an old one. 

Earlier this year a game came out of nowhere that really got the entire industry buzzing about it with a well made trailer. Dead Island had only been heard about once before at E3 ’06 and well it didn’t exactly blow anyone’s mind. Years later Techland comes out with this trailer and drives everyone insane.

Finally at last years E3, Bioware released this fantastic ad for their new MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, another series and genre I could care less about. But they certainly got my attention with this trailer. Does this even show how you’ll be playing the game, since it’s an MMO and all? Probably not but it’s on my radar now, which is all thanks to this great trailer.   

 These are the best and some aren’t even done by the developers themselves. The star wars one for example was done by an outside team of artist. There are a lot more examples of horrible or boring trailers but lets not look at that right now. I want to hear about the trailer that turned a game around for you and how and why it excited you?   



Initial thoughts to halfemptyenergytank.com

No one ever reads the first post. But if for some strange reason you have strumbled here and wondering “whats going on?”. This is probably a bad place to start. I’m sure I’ve made some About Me page or something by the time you or anyone else would possibly care. For now here is a story and a rant to go ahead and get this off my chest.

Today is has been my 8th day of being Unemployed. I’ve done the usual race to apply to whatever crap job is available in my area. I’ve even done some real research in my community to grab onto something and possibly be a part of something. But this isn’t helping me with my dream. This isn’t going to help me accomplish anything beyond surviving and god damnit, I’m tired of just surviving. I’ve always wanted to be in the gaming industry in one form or another. Never really been picky about it, but I’ve never really fought for it. I’ve been in talks to be a QA tester for both Rockstar: San Diego and Harmonix (two developers that I fondly follow) and I’ve sent a few really subpar graphics for IGN to use for their Podcast a long time ago. But that about sums my history in the gaming industry.

It’s sad, not because I haven’t gotten anywhere. But because whenever someone has asked me what I’d like to be doing. It’s been something in the Gaming Industry. All the way back to my freshman year in high school (10 years ago) I’ve been talking about doing it. I had always been someone who plays games and I’ve always love it. But it was the Sega Dreamcast that made me a fan. A connoisseur of video games. I subscribed to whatever magazines I could. I went through the whole fanboy phase that most kids go through (and relatively fast since the Dreamcast was so short lived). I decided that this is what I wanted to do and didn’t act on it hardly at all.

The point is, I’m unemployed and receiving unemployment. I have a little wiggle room. My bills will be paid for a little while. There really isn’t any extra money to buy new games, I can’t afford to go back to school and I have a small family (The Girlfriend and I)that needs my support. But I do have a very large backlog of games I need to play that I already own. A very wide range covering all the current and older systems that I’ve barely got a chance to dig into.

You won’t ever find anything up to date here, you won’t see a review of a game that came out recently. But you hopefully will find a collection of opinions and advice on the games I’ve just not gotten to playing yet. By the time that YOU hopefully show up. My writing and critical skills will improve and maybe enough to land me a job somewhere. Somewhere in the gaming industry.