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Wait, it's connected to the vibration?


Damage isn't the only thing that makes your controller vibrate. I'd imagine anything with explosions will drain you dry in minutes.

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All in all, the situation is a mess. It just frustrates me when everywhere I look it seems as though everyone is ready to crucify someone when we don't know every bit of information quite yet. That's all.

We're never going to know every bit of information about this case. That's a reality of every criminal investigation. How much information do we need before you are satisfied? By your standard, it would be impossible to prosecute anybody.

4 eyewitnesses claim Brown was shot while standing still and raising him arms. How is that not enough for a trial? Beyond that and the autopsy, what else do you want? I'm completely serious here, what information are we missing?

Those same four eyewitnesses said that Brown was shot once in the back while running away from the officer, but all bullets entered from the front.

That makes everything they've said about the case suspect.

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I'm surprised people are dying to CM, because I distinctly remember choking him to death.

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I really didn't get the ending with nerissa. When bigby was recalling things she said to him and then you have the choice to run after her. It's probably obvious and Ill look like an idiot, but whatever they were getting at flew over my head.

She was saying the exact same lines as Faith did earlier, hinting that she is/was either Faith or Nerissa glamoured as the other.

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I tried to kill the Crooked Man before taking him to trial, but that resulted in a failed game. Was really jarring for a game that seemed to respect player choice.

At least I got to tear his head off instead of just throwing him down the well.

What? You must've done something wrong, because the game definitely continues if you kill him.

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I still hate the screen setup. Too much real estate is used to show the audience doing nothing.

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"straight, white, cisgender, able bodied dudes"

Everything tumblr hates all in one.

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@aegon said:

There is so much to fit into an hour.

If it makes you feel better, the runtime for the finale is 66 minutes, 10 minutes more than the usual episode.

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It wasn't a Halo thing. I didn't notice it in Unfinished, but I'll go look at that again.

EDIT: I just watched some of the Unfinished and the first thing I thought was "shit fuck, he was right, the reticle is just below the halfway down the screen line."

It's definitely a Halo/Bungie thing - every Halo had the reticule below the centre of the screen.