stole my soul and threw it out... and ich liben es (im love'n it)

turn on dark and scary music, just over 3 years ago a game came into my life and it stole my soul, and who i was.

it was the all beloved yet still dreaded for its power over the conciousness, WORLD OF WARCRAFT.
it all started about 3->4 months after it came onto the market by then i was sold, before i even played.
after a while i ceased to be me, and i became enthralled with the game, playing every hour out of school.
after my grades were released, i decided that it had me had...??? it owned me like a noob is owned by the leet player.

so i made a change, now i only play occasionally, at most 7 hours a week. now i devote more time to other videogames, and table top battle games.

ty... cya.. ttyl...