I built a PC

Yep, after about 6 months of research I finally decided to order the parts and just get it done.  
This was the first PC I ever built and I was quite surprised how easy it was. I pretty much learned everything I needed to know from Geno's thread and Tested's How to video. The only problem I ran into was installing the OS as I installed the 32 bit version of widows instead of the 64 bit.  

The Good

  • Its damn fast, the fastest PC I've ever used in fact.
  • Its nice to finally be able to play PC games without them looking like slide shows.
  • I finally have a place to store all my data that isn't an external drive

The Bad

  • MSI includes a special technology on their motherboards called O.C Genie which is meant to take a measure of your system and automatically overclock your CPU and memory, this automatically gives me a BSoD so I'm going to have to learn to overclock for reals.
  • I order all my parts from Germany as the prices in Ireland for PC parts are ridiculous, part of this order was a keyboard and to my surprise it was in German (facepalm). So all the basic keys are the same i.e A-Z, 1-0 (had to switch the y and z keys around) but the symbols and function keys are all fucked up.


  • Motherboard: MSI P55 GD65
  • CPU / Cooler: Intel Core i5 760, Corsair H50
  • Memory:  G.Skill Ripjaws 4 GB DDR3
  • HDD: 1TB + 2 TB Samsung F3    
  • Graphics: 2x Sparkle GTX 470
  • Displays: 22" LG Flatron LED Monitor
  • Speakers: 2.1 Logitech X-230
  • Keyboard: Keysonic 8001 (possibly the worst keyboard I've ever used)
  • Mouse: Razer Deathadder
  • Case: Lian Li PC-7FN
  • PSU: Coolermaster 850W 
  • OS: Windows 7




The Hax Life Documentary

I like 5 million other people recently bought Starcraft 2, which I have been really enjoying. I preparation for the multiplayer part of the game I went looking for some good replays to watch and found this documentary on the competitive players of South Korea. Its a pretty good watch and gives a good sense of just how big Starcraft and Warcraft are over there.
p.s. If someone could point me in the direction of some multiplayer videos or guides I would be really grateful, the ones I found didn't do a great job of conveying much info for newbies like myself, thanks.

Poppin my Blog cherry

This is  right here my friend is my every first, ever. I really don't get down with the whole 'share my life on the internet' thing, so in order to pass the time why don't you and i watch some hilarious home bloopers, take it away You've Been Framed. 

Also, Oh Snap at No.96 and 73!