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Woooowww... 73% Unplayed. I'm gonna go change my life.

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Woooowww... 73% Unplayed. I'm gonna go change my life.

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This is why I only console game now...

Because you like downgraded graphics running subpar HD resolution and running at a 30fps or lower? I fail to see how your comment adds anything to this discussion other then you being snarky.

It's pointing out the general frustration i have with PC gaming. I will sacrifice some graphical quality to know that 99.99% of the time that I put a disc in the console it will start up and play. I PC gamed for nearly a decade before I go the point where is was just too much of a hassle to bother with.

Every platform has it's pros and cons. It's really like having to choose between two bowls of shit, you just have to decide which one's smell you can handle. I was in the same situation as yours just from the other side. I've been console gaming for over almost a decade now and I switched to PC because I just couldn't handle the shit on that platform. These days I keep my PS3 for BD, netflix, and exclusives. Any other game I will buy for the PC.

I will fully agree with your point about console being very easy to use and knowing that 99.99% of the times the game will work just as intended but on the other hand if it doesn't you're pretty much left at the mercy of the developer.

Sorry for my snarky remarks. I responded to your comment about 15 minutes after I woke up and before I had my coffee which is not a good thing to do. I need to stop doing that.

Good for you for owning up to you comment! My jaw just about hit the floor when I read this. I feel like no one online wants to admitting mistakes or misunderstanding or, in the event of correction, pointing out someone else's mistake without being a total douche about it. As the target of multiple, hurtful replies myself, I really appreciate this. Your reply made my day. :^D

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Jonas Kyratzes has a very compelling argument. $100 is nothing to most people in America, but to those outside the US.

As someone who grew up in America and moved to a different country, I see this on a daily basis. $100 takes on a whole different meaning outside the US.

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wow. after all that E3 hooplah.

ridiculous, nintendo, just ridiculous.

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reinvented the vacuum cleaner

Best line in the article! Loved it! Great Job, Jerem.... errrr.... Alex!

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@drhans: Nintendo is so ridiculous, it hurts.

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Fruit Ninja... So, wait, Fruit Dealer made a video game?

Actually, Fruit Dealer is the villain. He's the one throwing all the fruit and the ninja.

Dastardly... Can anyone stand up to such reckless hate?

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Trailer looked amazing! Sadly, I'm not going to be upgrading my ancient PC to play this game.

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Fruit Ninja... So, wait, Fruit Dealer made a video game?