Metal Sonic Guitar part 2

After 4 days of cutting & sanding the guitar is finally taking shape.
Front side view

Back side view

There's still a lot of work to be done on the body like more sanding , widdling the arm rest groove , routing the cavities for the Floyd Rose & pickups and fixing the head stock among other things. With the parts comming by weeks end , the project as a whole should'nt take more than another two to three weeks to complete. I will try to detail every part of it's construction until it's completion. Until next time.

BTW: For those of you wondering what the blue stuff that has been sprayed on every side of te guitar is , it's car primer. Due to the extreme level of humidity  during the construction of the guitar it was necessary to spary primer on the sides so that the humidity rises from the center of the guitar & not the sides to avoid cracks.

First Blog / Rebirth of Metal

Metal Sonic Guitar Template

The Rebirth of Metal Sonic
Concept for Metal Sonic Guitar
That's right ,the rebirth of Metal Sonic,but in guitar form. It's currently only been around a week since conception started so it's not that far along, but as you can see the template has been completed & the wood ( heheh! wood) has been bought. As for the hardware i'm planning on getting a Seymour Duncan TB-4 or the George Lynch sig SH-12 humbucker for the bridge pickup & a hotrail single coil for the neck pickup within the following weeks. The rest of the building materials have ordered throught Stewart and should arrive within 4 weeks. If every thing goes to plan I should be able to start cutting next week. I'l make sure to update you on every step with plenty of pictures & details. Until then, farewell.

Black cherry & Santos Mahogany which will be used for the neck-thru & fretboard

Basswood which will be used for the body of the Metal Sonic guitar