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Jeff found this video of The Rock talking about the Xbox in his Gamespot files

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@milkman: Maybe it is the darkness, I think that everything needs to be zoomed out a bit.

I do like these weird Josh Matthews backstage stuff they are trying. I guess even if I don't like some of the things going on, the best idea for Impact is finally stop trying to be WWE and try being their own thing.

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@milkman: Am I the only one bothered by the camera work in matches? It could possibly be just me.

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As someone who can read minds professionally, they are all thinking about eating tacos and being mad that they aren't eating tacos.

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We could be doing Cena "Lana being a ho" promos for 2 months

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Indigo Prophecy is bad and you should totally play it.

It has one hell of a basketball scene

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Every episode is the ultimate endurance run

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I will add that the Austin/Wade Keller podcat nailed every issue with Roman Reigns at the current moment and what the WWE thinks people want in babyfaces right opposed to what they are trying to offer.

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Raw is off and will be a studio show and Smackdown will be live in Hartford on Thursday

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@goldone: They wanted [insert name of anyone that isn't Roman Reigns] to win