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Great best of 2009 list Greg.  You picked alot of games that are also on my list.  Happy Holidays Greg...I hope you had a wonderful 2009.  :)

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"Oh man.....I thought for sure you was going to put Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon in the number 10 spot. "

Thanks for the comments! Shadow Dragon is my least favorite of all the Fire Emblem games I've played, which is why it didn't make the cut. The gameplay was there but I love the Fire Emblem series for its stories and characters, and Shadow Dragon felt a little primitive on this front (apart from the awesome opening). I forgive this since it's a remake of the original, but still. Also, I really miss the 2D art and animation of the Game Boy games, which looked much better.

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 Yeah, I finished both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, since I was big fan of those characters and the variety both the beorc and the laguz units.
I've been wanting to play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories after I saw the Quick Look on this site. The Wii definitely has it's unique games, as I enjoyed the presentation of both Muramasa and A Boy and His Blob.
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Well-done list. Uncharted 2 and MW2 do deserve the hype, funny enough, because I usually dislike huge games like those. I need to play Demon's Souls and SH: Shattered Memories as well. This year didn't have as many games as years before that made me go "OH SHIT THAT GAME WAS AMAZING" (maybe only UC2), but there were a lot of fantastic, well-made sequels and smaller titles to be released.

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Wow, reading this list made me realize how close some of the top games this year were.  With the exception of Demon's Souls (haven't played it) I could see any of your top 7 being game of the year.

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Yes! someone besides me that give SFIV the props it deserves, namely GOTY. Its so easy for people to overlook a fighter in this day and age but no other game is polished down to the smallest detail like SFIV and its something that Ive spent MMO hours on in the year past.

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Well deserved rankings and good comments, I must try to give Demon Souls a shot soon. The soundtrack definitely has a kick to it.  Sad that Super SFIV will take that much longer to arrive, it's likely the version I'll purchase.
Also, keep tweeting your kids' wisdom about gaming. Hilarity. They'll be talented reviewers no doubt.

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I gotta say that this is one of the stronger GOTY lists ive seen so far 

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Oh man, every few months I debate whether to buy the Steam version of Street Fighter IV. Now that the Holiday Sale is going on, and the price is reduced, I might give in. My only concern is control. I have an Xbox 360 controller that works great, but I'm wondering if that's enough. Do I need some kind of crazy joystick to get enjoyment out (do they even make those PC compatible?), or will a simple 360 controller suffice?
Anyway, fantastic list, and great job on the Mobcast! That episode was one of my favorite podcasts I've listened to all year. Some great insight, and as a fan of 'old' Gamespot, great nostalgia as well. (Well wishes to Jason Ocampo at Stardock!)  
Next year, I hope you'll find some more time to share your opinion on games and the industry (even if its just a blog on your Giantbomb account, anything at all).
 Best of luck, and have a great 2010.

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Hey Greg, perhaps you could get around to explaining to Jeff Gerstmann precisely why he was so wrong to dismiss Demon's Souls, pretty much out of hand, without ever attempting to play it! I think that there are a lot of Giant Bomb readers who didn't buy Demon's Souls as a result of the site's lack of coverage, and Jeff's dismissive attitude towards it.
Also, great to hear about your opinions of games once again! I hope that whatever game you're working on you're doing your utmost to make it fun.

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I might just have to import Demon's Souls.  I'm not sure if it's coming to the U.K any time soon.  
Anyway, Great list Greg.  Your game related writings have been sorely missed.

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I like seeing Demon's Souls getting some well earned respect. Fantastic game, and a fantastic list.

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Oh Demon Souls its quite possibly the No.1 game I love and hate in equal measure, Shattered Memories is worth a play, Great game.