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PSN ID: HeelGrimmeh

Timezone: GMT+1 (Germany)

Games: Killzone, Knack, InFamous, PS+ games

Add me :D Looking for people to play Killzone with. Most looking forward to Destiny and WWE 2k15.

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Yeah surely we can come up with a better guild name.

I really think it should be VinnCo

Also yeah if you wanna talk about Wildstar there's a mumble server up and ready


Port: 64738

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Why Cookie Party?

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Global Wars and War of the Worlds cards are stacked! Excited to see Alex Shelley back in RoH.

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Rogue Legacy

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The same things I have listed in the first post still apply.

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I would really like a PC Code. The Titanfall website is borked and I can't even apply to the beta :-/

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@rorie: Last time I tried to watch a livestream was last week. I'll try again today for UPF. It won't let me see the stream with the gamespot player, even though I remember watching Live GameSpot content awhile ago and their stream worked fine.

To answer jSlack yes other videos and html5 videos work for me.

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Ever since GB adopted the Gamespot livestream player I've been unable to watch the livestreams. I've tried it with Adblock on/off and even removed from chrome. Then I tried IE, FF and Opera and the stream still wouldn't start. Restarting my computer, logging off and on again changes nothing. I'm running on Windows 7.

So what happens it I click the play button and the loading icon flashes up for a second and then all I get is a black screen.

Please help thanks.

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Katharis made a post!

Yeah join in so we can all listen to AFK Squirrel Girl and AFK Deadpool say hilarious things in the Avengers Tower.