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@conmulligan: same here, so fascinating but I have no time/desire to play it

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@mitch0712: hahaha I got that one too but I only noticed it while free running

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While there might be a lot to take in for a new player just starting out, the new fifa's have a bunch of skill challenges that run you through all sorts of gameplay concepts like shooting, passing, player movement, etc... However while there are a ton of different challenges you might still have to check the controls list first as the tutorials aren't as comprehensive as you'd like for a first timer as they pretty much assume if you're playing fifa you also know the rules of soccer.

I've been playing fifa since the late 90's so it hard for me to really know if this is enough to train someone who doesn't know the rules of soccer or how fifa plays.

The last NBA 2k I owned was 11 and that was a bit complicated for me since I don't really understand the more granular intricacies of basketball and only really understand it at its basic level. As a result of my basketball ignorance, I felt like the game was too complicated and lost interest.

Hope that's helpful R3belD0gg.

If you end up getting fifa (or just wanna play some online games) my psn is gugagomes7, I can offer some friendly training.

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nice piece Patrick, a really interesting read!

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hey guys, great to get some giantbomb members in my friends list!


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@blurienh said:

Just seen the news, this knocked me hard, my thoughts are with everyone feeling his loss especially his family and wife. Giantbomb got me through a very dark period in my life when I couldn't sleep for all the mess going on running through my head and I put on a podcast or video to distract me so I feel like I owe you all a great thanks and just want to thank Ryan here for making my world all the better for his contributions, he will be greatly missed.

Giantbomb did the same for me in the past and I will also owe Ryan and all the guys thanks for that forever.

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this is terrible sincerest condolences to his newly wed wife and all of his family and friends. He would cheer me up every time I'd watch a video with him....a great guy and he will be sorely missed. I'm sorry guys. Keep your heads up, our hearts go out to all of you. I never thought I'd be so sad to lose someone I've never actually met but this is really so terrible.