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I don't even remember Pixel Junk Shooter having bosses. I loved the hell out of the first game. I 100%'d it all at release, but when I loaded up the version free on PS+ I just couldn't be bothered with it.

Man, Strider... That game is the best 2D flippy-jumpy-fighty game since Mark of the Ninja. I do wish it was a little more like the older games though. (not the terrible NES one) It kinda lacks all of the goofy enemies like cyber-mammoths and tarzan-ladies. I really, really wish the whole map didn't just look like Bionic Commando Re-Armed stages.

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Modern Warfare. Rock Band 1/2/3 etc

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There's so much story stuff up front in that game. I'm also pretty curious to see how Drew deals without the radar. I found it a lot easier to shoot my way out of situations the first time I played 3 (I've finished it 6 or 7 times) I wonder if we'll see Drew doing that also.

I hope to someday see Drew feed on a tree frog.

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I held off on buying Blu Rays for the longest time. They were ridiculously expensive when they first appeared in the shops. I had been given a couple as presents, but the first I bought was an import of Sword of the Stranger. My first player, probably like a bunch of people was the PS3. I've bought more BR movies in the last year than 2007-2013 combined.

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1-3 are very easy games on the normal setting. They changed the difficulty balance with 4 though. The best way to play these games is on heroic, which could get pretty tough in places in 4.

If it's just for the story then normal will pose no problems.

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More than I deserve.

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It continues to look incredible, but hearing about how little gameplay there seems to be in any of the demos people have played, and instant fail stealth sequences sounds pretty lame.

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@quarters said:

Actually, I just had an idea...what if they actually did Peace Walker co-op? Pull another PS3/TV in and have Dan play along? Might help speed it up a bit. I think you can play most of the main missions(if not all) with at least one other person. Could be a whole different kind of entertaining.

That'd be the worst. You have to invite other players to every single mission, and most of them are like 5 minutes long.

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No. It's not very good and would be boring to watch, especially the grind for the real ending.

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You would have to chop off my hands and poke out my eyes before I would even begin to consider not playing it at launch. I'm not gonna sit here and hold up Halo 4 as some revolutionary masterpiece in video games, but I loved everything about that game and I'm dying to see where they take the story.

I know we have agreed on this game before. But I'm excited to see where 343 take Halo. Halo 4 is the best game in the series, and the Spartan Ops (?) stuff ended on a super interesting note.