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@patounet: Nearly everything from the first game is in the second. You'll be missing out on a few EMS stages that are now full songs. (better) Even the sound quality is better, some songs used to sound a little like the speakers were blown, but that's not the case here. Don't bother with the first game.

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That run is super RE6-y. Crouch confirmed!

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I think it's absurd to be worried about such things, but I assume many will be disappointed by a bunch of games coming out. The real problem is although games like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty seem to be changing up their formula this year, you still kinda know what you're getting. The same with Far Cry 4, which has a high chance of being FC 3.5.

It's fine to be excited for games, but over-hyping them up in your mind is usually the easiest way to be disappointed. Even if Destiny was a better game than it seems to be, it would still disappoint someone due to the insane hype.

Even if the games are a little disappointing it doesn't mean that you won't have any fun with them at all.

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I have been undecided on whether I think this game is good, but flawed or genuinely great, and finally settled on great. It's such a shame that nobody really seems to care about it. Just looking at the rarity of trophies it seems that only 1.3% of people that have played it have finished it.

It's an odd game that looks like a shooter, but feels more like a collection of speed runs. I was really put off by some of the experience requirements to progress, especially when I started getting into the stages in the late 30's, but it seems like it was designed that way to make you go back to earlier levels and learn how to beat them in the fastest times possible. There's a reason why you are given 20 minutes to finish a level that can be beaten in 1.40 or less. By going back you're forced into collecting everything as fast as possible just to get an extra 20 or 40 experience.

It's a fantastic game that favours speed over anything else. As a pure shooter it's super boring, but that's not really apparent until you've put some time into it. More people should give this a shot especially as it's free on plus at the minute. It also has one of the best soundtracks of the year.

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@hailinel: At least that's something. How is the character unlocking less of a grind? Man, some of the grinding for characters like Sephiroph were such a pain. I remember playing certain dark notes ten to fifteen times in a row without getting any crystals.

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It seems from the demo that the nonsensical selection of battle cries before you play a song are missing. (or whatever they were) Is there anything like that in the game, or is that stuff just gone? I'll be a little sad if it is.

Super excited to play the big, dumb, metal version of One Winged Angel from AC.

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Oh my. I hope this is real.

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I go about my day as normal.

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No other game this year comes close to Titanfall for me. It makes me smile just thinking about that game. Bayonetta seems like the only game yet to release that could knock it off my top spot. I'd love to be surprised by any of the games I plan on getting before the end of the year though.

Maybe Hyrule Warriors will be a masterpiece...

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I'm going to read this after I comment, but Well done. Incredible title.