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@village_guy: Use the shield and only fire a full charge shot when the enemy is about to die. It's a shitty thing to do, but kill stealing and auto titans are the only way to do that challenge without luck. Also, don't use the rapid fire version.

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Yes. A ton. Not played it for three days because I felt like I was in danger of burning myself out on it. I absolutely adore Titanfall. I am somewhere in the mid twenties with a Gen 5 tag. I like that you can't just "prestige", you're forced into using all of the weapons to progress.

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He still cared for his tribe, even when evil??? Other than the part where he murders them all at the end

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I'm sure either of the consoles will be a fine choice by the end of the year. Titanfall is rad, but if you've got a gaming PC that doesn't really matter.

I mostly just wanted to say Titanfall is great again.

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Yeah, but can I pause downloads yet? I can't believe this console has been on the market this long and I still can't pause updates for certain games. The editing thing is cool, there's a bunch of videos I'd love to shorten, but being unable to do something both the older consoles let me do drives me crazy.

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Batman & Robin.

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Hate is a strong word, but I don't speak to my older sister. We just don't get along and she is truly one of the most mean spirited and cruel people I have ever known. I have no reason to interact with a person like that, If we weren't related I'd avoid her like the plague.

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Call of Duty Ghosts.

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Mostly Nintendo stuff. I was really uninterested in the Wii, I thought it was a gimmicky piece of shit for the longest time. I ended up getting one when Skyward Sword came out and realised it was actually kinda cool.

The thing that shifted my opinion was that a few years earlier I was anti-handheld, but ended up playing an unused DS that used to be laying around the house. I had always thought handhelds were stupid and couldn't understand why anyone would want to play games not on a TV.

I ended up falling in love with Nintendo stuff all over again.

Man, the 360 controller is much better than the PS3 controller. Even when I kind of switched my primary console from the 360 to the PS3 I still thought the 360 pad was far superior. Then everyone went super nuts over the PS4 controller and despite it being a huge improvement over the DS3, I still think the 360 pad is superior, the triggers and the way the sticks click in / placement are waaaay better.

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