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Ooh, that was cool.

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It's good. It's this years Brothers-like, although it isn't as good as Brothers. It's cute, has beautiful art and a great atmosphere. A little too much of it is you running away from something, and some of the collision detection on environmental hazards is a bit off, along with some wonky AI in places.

I finished it in about 2 1/2 hours getting all of the videos. (Only a couple are off the main path.) It's nice to feel like you've learnt something along with playing a game... The documentary stuff is well worth watching.

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@noval said:

@bweadcrwumbs: It's definitely not on the shorter side of telltale episodes, don't have an exact number for you but I think it took me a bit more then 2 hours start to finish? Thoroughly enjoyed it too, was getting kind of bored with the structure of their games but the humor helps quite a bit.

Yeah, it was just over two for me too.

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I just finished it. Thought it started really strong, genuinely laugh out loud funny in places.


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Nintendogate will happen.

Mario and Luigi are sent to prison, while Wario and Waluigi take their place as Nintendo's new mascots.Yoshi was executed for his part in the matter and Princess Peaches body was never found.

Toad is still missing.

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If you don't play it in English how can you enjoy Enzo randomly saying "FUGHHHEDDDABOUT IT!" at the end of sentences?

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The space between spaces.

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I doubt it. There will always be big games. It has just been an odd year. I bet The Order, Uncharted, Batman, Metal Gear, The Witcher, Bloodborne...and whatever Call of Duty/Assassin's Creed that comes out next year will all do fine.

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