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I alternate between Swords/hands Gun/feet and scythe/hands swords/feet. I occasionally set B to Bow and swords. I mess around with all of the weapons a bunch other than the hammer, I've never been a big fan of the big, slow, heavy weapons though.The first game didn't seem to incentivise anything other than your favourite weapons, but there feels like far more of a reason to mess with different stuff in this one. I've just unlocked the chainsaws/finished chapter 10 so who knows what I'll end up preferring.

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@shagge: Man, I have no idea why people don't seem to care for Halloween 3. That ending is incredible!

Also,You should watch The Fog (Old) or Prince of Darkness. I really do think The Fog is (and yeah, call me crazy.) better than Halloween. I love carpenter's style and both of these movies show it off really well.

And Jason takes Manhattan because it is super stupid and fun. He punches a mans head off.. is that a good enough reason?

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@ulquiokani: You can have foreign voices for your Titan also. I have one that talks in Japanese now.

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I know it seems like everyone lost interest in Titanfall pretty quickly, which is a real shame as I still think it's one of the best multiplayer shooters out there.

Respawn have finally added Frontier Defense in a pretty huge update. It's essentially a Horde mode and can get pretty intense. It's a really welcome addition, but seeing that they now show you how many players are online, I can see that there about 2000-ish players still playing the game on PC.

It unfortunately seems like too little, too late. I dunno how the XBone is doing for players because this kinda bums me out. This mode and all of the other stuff they should have had at launch make an already great game even greater.

Anyways, has anyone else given this a shot? It's a bunch of fun and can get really tough in the later rounds due to all of the nuclear Titans and whatnot. If you haven't played Titanfall in a while you should probably give it a shot considering it's free.

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A mask made out of another persons face.

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As much as I loved the first Avengers, James Spader and a bunch of these other Marvel movies, I worry that there's just too much. These movies are in danger of just becoming an overwhelming mess of characters and plot points carrying over from other movies... Which is also a big problem that comic books seem to have.

I hope this will be good, I have faith in Joss Whedon and I liked Guardians a bunch, but there's only so many times I can see giant things getting destroyed by other giant things.

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I got to the final boss and just didn't want to play it any more. As a huge fan of Platinum it saddened me by how poor the game is. The combat is miserable, the bosses are miserable, and the dog-bear bits are miserable. At times it can look flashy, but that doesn't stop it from being mashy and inconsistent. Sometimes counters don't work, sometimes you kill the mid boss-like characters in a single combo, and other times they take an extraordinary beating. Fighting those rabbits with the 5 step QTE are the opposite of fun.

Awful game that isn't even worth the £12 I paid for it.

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Ummmm, no.

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I've finished The Evil Within, the bars are a non-issue to me. I've always liked the big black bars, I think it's got something to do with framing and photography and stuff. If nobody had have mentioned the bars thing I doubt I'd have ever noticed.

If anything I really quite like them.

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Most people seem to veer more towards the story as they get older, but I feel like I'm in the minority when it comes to that stuff. A few years back I played games mostly for their story. I couldn't get enough of the Final Fantasies and all that, and I assume I'd have gone nuts for the narrative focussed indie stuff that comes out now if it it was available to me back then.

But the older I have gotten, the more mechanics and simplicity have become the reason I play games. that's not to say I haven't loved games like The Last of Us (I love the gameplay, but it's highest points are all movie.) and I've adored games like Journey and Brothers in the same way I adored Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2, but I just don't think it matters a lot of the time. Stories in games still aren't on par with TV and movies, and that's not to say they won't ever be. Games have come an incredible distance in a much shorter time than movies did, and yet for the most part their stories are still worse than some big, dumb action movies.