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A forced introduction to the genre 0

Now that Ubisoft has the right to throw the name Tom Clancy on anything they please, why not throw together a bunch of letters that of course includes an X.   Now to be fair HAWX tries to bring itself into the Tom Clancy universe, but in a very uninteresting way.   There are few and very passive reference to terms that you’re use to hearing in other games that Ubisoft has used the Tom Clancy name for in the past.   HAWX attempts some new mechanics in the flight sim shooter genre with its “assist...

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Falls short in every way 0

The Conduit is a first person shooter for the Wii with quite a few flaws.   Seen as a game that could fill the void of mature action titles on the Wii, it sadly comes up short.   A generic feel in both graphical style and story jumps out from the start.   The controls come with plenty of options for you to try to find the right feel for you, but even that isn’t enough to make up for its shortcomings.   No matter what the setting, the controls never feel smooth or solid, and the shooting is not s...

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A useless re-release 0

Mario Power Tennis was a solid GameCube title released in 2004.   Therefore it would make sense after the success of Wii Sports’ tennis that an updated version of Mario Power Tennis, with motion controls would work.   Sadly it’s quite clear from the jump that the “new play controls” are severely worse than the GameCube controls, making it frustrating, and a complete waste of a re-release.   Making things worse is the fact there is no other control option, so if you wish to play “classic” Mario P...

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