Top 10 of 2011 better late then never.

Its that time again. Lets skip the chit chat and get right into the games.

Beast Game Not From 2011

Sonic and the Sega All-Stars Racing! Still the best kart racer to date.

Best Mobile Game

Geo Defense. I noly have a WP7 phone so my pickings were slim but Geo Defense is one of the best tower defense games i have ever played.

Best Downloadable Game

Ugly Americans. I had by far the most fun with this then i did any other DL game this year. Love the 4 player twin stick shooters and the show is great.

Top 10

  • 10.No More Heros: Heros Paradise. No more heros was great. But i longed for a real controller to play it. My wish was granted. Now if only we could of gotten it on the 360 here in the states.
  • 9.Fight Night Champion. I love the fight night series. 4 was a bit of a let down but it really picked up with champion. The story mode was great.
  • 8.Duke Nukem Forever. I dont care what any one says about this game. I had an absolute blast with it. Yes its out dated and crude but its Duke.
  • 7.Shadows of the Damned. Suda51 hit the nail on the head again. Loved everything about this game. Humor, Controls, Evil Dead reference.
  • 6.MGS HD Collection. MGS 2 is one of my top all time games. And to play it again in HD with 3 and peace walker is great. Exspecially since i dont have a psp.
  • 5.BatMan Arkham City. Great story, Great combat, Great controls. Everything about this game was great. It makes it even more greater being a batman fan. This game just like the first is full of fan service and i just cant get enough! and come on BAT MAN PUNCHES A SHARK!!!!!
  • 4.Saints Row: The Third I really wish this game was higher on my list it was an absolute blast. Loved everything about this game except for how short it was. I am really hoping the DLC gets released pretty soon so i can pick this game back up again it is one of the funniest games ever.
  • 3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim What can i say about this game that has not been said? It honestly is the best open world game i have ever played. They really out did them selves with this game.
  • 2. Mortal Kombat. Nether Realm out did them selves. They picked up MKs destroyed body and breathed new life back into it. This is Mortal Kombat. Even if there is not that mant new Characters its still great. Honestly the best fighter i have ever played.
  • 1. Portal 2. The game i had low hopes for. This is by far the funniest game i have ever played. Its also one of the smartest games i have ever played. I did not want to put this game down. From the single player to the amazing co-op everything about this game shined. I was really not expecting this good of a game and i am glad i was proven wrong.

Yay!...i guess?

I am moving on the 31st. Go me. Should be fun and dandy. My daughter is starting to walk. Thats always fun. Have not been playing alot of games lately. Rebought Saints Row 2. What an amazing game. Tried Dragon Age. It sucked. Not much else is going on.


My oh My!

So i managed to snag a ps3 and 4 games for cheap the other day. I then sold the games and bought Modnation Racer. God that is a great game. Its no Sonic and the Sega All-Stars racing but its damn close. Also yesterday my 8-month old daughter took her first two steps! This has been a good week.


I am back! Go Me!

Been playing alot of DS now that i got a DSi. Ninjatown is a fun cute lil game! You should play it! Also got a English version of jump ultimate stars. What a great game!



So i made my rounds today on the internet looking for reviews on my beloved Sonic racer....and what do i find....a trailer for Halo Reach MP!?.....JETPACKS!?!? man this is shaping up to be the best halo ever. Cant wait for the beta now. This will redeem them from that abomination called Halo 3. Seriously though....JETPACKS! how amazing is that. Man oh man i cant wait for this game. Def going to be GOTY. And i know people are going to say "oh well its just another Halo" Def a step up from anyother Halo. 
Also i need to pick up the new borderlands content. Although my girlfriend's  save got corrupted so it looks like ill be playing on my own.
In other news Bang Pow Boom Nuclear edition is coming out! And i missed a $10 Insane Clown Posse concert. Put on for Real Detroit's 11th bday bash. Oh and save your self some typing because i dont care what you think of ICP or Juggalos or what ever. Its all been said before.


GOTY already!?!?

2010 just started and i have already found my game of the year. Sonic&Sega All Stars Racing! This is the kart game of my dreams! Far better then mario kart and its cheap? Well cheaper the most games. This is honestly the best kart racer i have played since Mario Kart DS. Ive been on a huge sonic kick lately and this fuels that. Also im pretty pumped about MK9 lets hope they take some tips from capcom. Also i played TvC for the wii finally. And its no MvC2. The whole three button layout is pretty dull as well.


A land full of borders

So i traded in some games for the first time since feb. For borderlands and a little left over to put towards L4D2. Having a baby makes it hard to just buy games. I did however get Fallout 3 GOTY def worth full price. Was worth the wait to get it to.


Prepare to drop....

Went to the ODST launch tonight. And i must say changing gamestops was a great idea. The one we went to had free pizza and pop. We got to play the hell out of ODST the whole time. Had remote control warthog races. And got a ton of free stuff. I got some Dissdia boxes it seems. A big tiger woods 10 poster lmao. A bunch of Halo pins and some magnets. And i won a Prototype Standee. So all in all it was a blast. And it was inside. Unlike GTA4 which was out in the cold and pretty boring. And unlike Halo Wars this had more then 4 people.


Bang! Pow! Boom!

So more of this crazy change is going on. ICP has released a great CD for the first time since like 2000. I am damn amazed. Bang! Pow! Boom! might be one of my fav cds. I am extremely excited about hallowiked this year. Which btw mike if you read this you should come.
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