I Hate These Games.

Games I've had the misfortune of playing that are so bad they need to be destroyed in nuclear fire.

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Posted by LordAndrew

I bought Heavenly Guardian with absolutely no idea what the game was or if it was any good (no one had even reviewed it yet). My assumption was that the game probably woudn't be very good. I tolerated the game well enough until I realized that it doesn't actually save your progress and that I'd have to play through the whole game again to get back to where I was.

Then I shelved the game and never looked back. Not worth my time.

Posted by Neon941

Oh wow I remember Quest 64, i think I rented it a long time ago when I was sick, I didn't get too far, mostly found it boring and too hard to navigate. I didn't mind FFX-2 but at the same time I would never blame a person for hating it, it's just plain out there and I think it ruins the ending of FFX quite a bit. I also hated Xenosaga II, probably for the wrong reasons, but I still hated it. Didn't get too far with Chrono Cross, not because I didn't like it, but I certainly didn't see what the hype was about. Haven't played any of the others, should I consider myself lucky? 
Posted by Hailinel
@Neon941: I'd definitely consider yourself lucky for not having played games on this list.
Posted by Symphony

I totally would have recommended this but you had to go and put Chrono Cross on it ; ; As such I just can't bring myself to endorse it no matter how much I loathe Quest 64, the Ghost in the Shell game, Valkyrie Profil2 , Dick Tracy, or pretty much ANY Superman game. 
Would you like Chrono Cross if they gave you cake at the end of the game? I bet they'd do that for you.

Posted by Hailinel
@Symphony: Cake is always good, but i'm afraid Chrono Cross is staying on this list as long as the ham-fisted connections to Chrono Trigger remain in the game.  It would have been a much better game had it stood on its own and wasn't an actual sequel.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

I  came in here lookin' for a fight, but these all seem well justified.  I should add Valkyrie Profile to the list of games I regret missing out on.

Posted by Hailinel
@ahoodedfigure:   Yeah, I try to back up my reasoning on this as well as I can.  And the first Valkyrie Profile is indeed a great game.  The path to the best ending can be considered obtuse, but the game itself is a favorite of mine, and the ending is well worth the effort in my opinion.
Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

I actually have some pretty fond memories of playing Dick Tracy on my Genesis when I was a kid.

Posted by Hailinel
@zAMERICANLIONz: The Genesis version wasn't that bad from what I understand.  It was completely different from the crap NES game.