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Well, I have a PS4 now, so...

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@hailinel: You certainly don't need a world map to have a sense of exploration. I would say that FFX managed to add some mystery to the world by creating a second language and hiding additional dungeons on the 2D map. Also the areas in FFX had plenty of stuff off the beaten path. I mean the game is largely a march down a preordained pilgrimage road. I would say P3 and P4 manage a sense of exploration through their use of large, randomly-generated dungeons. I never got the sense of wonder or mystery from the world of FFXIII, but I bailed on that game 20 hours in. I never got to Pulse and I hear that that is the point when the world of XIII opens up so I can't really speak to that game.

I think a world map is a useful tool that should always be an option for developers, but it is far from essential. In fact I would say the maps of games like Dissidia and Lost Odyssey are largely superfluous since they don't have much in the way of hidden locations.

Final Fantasy XIII is less about getting a sense of wonder out of the world as much as it is just the need to continue pressing forward. However, the Pulse section later in the game, where the map opens up and allows for some element of exploration and sidequesting, does provide some context to the world through the Cie'th Stones, which tell the sad tales of people that were once in similar predicaments to the party and unable to fulfill what was required of them.

As far as Persona 3 and 4 go, I disagree, in that the exploration of the randomly-generated dungesons isn't really the same sense of exploration as one gets out of a world map. The dungeons are largely same-y, with Persona 3's Tartarus segmented into different blocks that are little more than changes in the color palette, while Persona 4's individual dungeons have more personality to them, but share the same construction templates for their randomized nature.

It's not like, say, Metal Saga, where you can wander the world map and end up in some harrowing (and bizarre) situations because of the open-ended nature of the game and the way that enemies are tougher the further you are from the game's starting point. Or how in Dragon Quest IX, exploring the world leads to a vast number of side-stories that together make up the central narrative. And in the modern era, the idea of a classic world map has more or less given way to open world exploration, as is the case in Xenoblade Chronicles and its sequel, as well as Lightning Returns. Xenoblade Chronicles in particular has vast, gigantic environments with plenty of hidden nooks and odd things to find, and the game rewards you for putting in the effort to explore those out of the way locations. There isn't a cohesive world map like would be found in older JRPGs, but that game in particular just has an enormous amount of territory to explore.

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@jesus_phish: @sinusoidal: I think JRPG developersforgot that one of their key elements was exploration in addition to story and combat. The more linear JRPGs just miss out on the sense of exploration and discovery that world maps provide in spades.

JRPGs don't really need a world map to be quality games, though. FFX and XIII didn't have them. Persona 3 and 4 don't really have world maps, either. They're just menu screens with map backgrounds. World maps are a great feature to have, but they aren't an obligatory element for making a quality game in the genre.

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@amyggen said:

He looks very standard anime,

I have no idea what people mean when they say this. It's an empty descriptor.

That said, dude looks fine to me. Also...

Swery, the teenage years!

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Hinokagutsuchi is just another way of referring to Kagutsuchi, which already has a character page. Both terms refer to the same being. The Hinokagutsuchi page should be deleted.

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This bums me out. I feel like in previous generations they would have released a Dead or Alive 6 for a new set of hardware.

It's just as well. It'd be nice to get a disc version of the game with the various new characters that they had added as DLC since DOA5U's release.

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Chrono Trigger 2.

No, I don't mean Chrono Cross, I mean an actual Chrono Trigger 2. At the Hironobu Sakaguchi panel at PAX last night, he said he actually fought for doing a second Chrono Trigger with the higher-ups and couldn't get it to happen.

Damn it!

Wow, that's interesting. Did he say when this occurred?

I don't see why SE would ever NOT want to do another Chrono game. It's basically free money.

I'm assuming not long after the first game was finished. He said it had been long enough that he could at least mention it, but I imagine that he left out details because there was still some behind-the-scenes aspects of the discussions that have to remain private.

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UW Huskies rule, WSU Cougars drool.

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@aegon said:

@hailinel: Is that Sakaguchi stream worth watching?

Very much so. He comes across as very honest, humble, and seems a bit shy. He was obviously also there to pitch his new game Terra Battle, but he had a lot of interesting things to say regarding his career and games he's worked on.

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And people found the figure thread weird? :P