Why it's a good idea to always read the whole contract.

Today I watched a video about a youtuber named braindeadlyeu who is under contract with machinima. His video that he made today is starting to go viral and basically shows that under the machinima contract, you are signed with them for life. That's crazy right? The kid didn't read his whole contract and is now basically not willing to make anymore videos for his channel because of this.

Here's the original video.

It's sad to see a kid lose his passion for making videos online, but it's his own fault. You always have to read everything that you are going to sign and even have someone else look it over to make sure everything looks good. Now the kid is screwed. I made a response to his video that pretty much sums up how the situation has opened everyone's eyes and could prevent other's from falling into the same fate.

In response to braindeadlyeu's video, machinima has been losing subscribers that have been reported to being around 1,000 an hour.