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been a while since I posted here (or in the forums, anyway). Ive been watching Chaika Season 2, Amagi Brilliant Park and I can't understand what my husband is saying. I did watch SAO , but I kind of dropped it after the Mother Rosario arc, it felt too slow for my tastes. maybe it will speed up like phantom bullet, but until I know that, Im gonna pass on that. Amaburi is excellent for fun, and has some of the best background music Ive heard in an anime. Chaika is just awesome, and the story is good enough to be a live action show.

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Roseau, Dominica.

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Huh. Funny, Tetsuya Nomura's version of Hatsune Miku was also a thing that happend recently, too.

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I can't understand that face they chose for Ganondorf.

I mean, really.

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cool. from what it sounds like, its a different person than the previous Thor. either way, awesome. Now if we could only bring back Lady Loki...

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Ive rotated my icons whenever I feel they get stale. the NeoBrendan one is a new one I put today, but I usually rotate about every 2 to 3 weeks, usually some female character or something like that.

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@extomar: prepare to see youtube flooded with them very soon.

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That was a massacre of the highest quality. last team to embarass Brazil this bad was Uruguay.

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in my world of anime I finally watched attack on titan (and proceeded to watch the whole series within a day), start and catch up to the latest episode of mahouka and catch up to the latest episode of ping pong. Mahouka has an interesting story and besides the last episode being very fan servicey is not so bad. I am kind of interested in the ping pong storyline but i really enjoy the art style it is going for. I tried starting no game, no life but im not sure if I will continue after the second episode. I dont really need upskirt shots of an 11 year old in my anime

If you stop watching No Game No Life you will miss out on one of the best shows in the past several years. Can I interest you with this?

Yea I gave it another shot with a couple more episodes and it is growing on me.

this show and its references. it even pulled out a Skyrim one way back in Ep 5.
Chaika - man, that is a cliffhanger ending for that ep, and its a bit of a wham episode itself.

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Man Utd and France.