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So any one of your friends can watch you play without any forewarning? That seems a bit creepy. I mean I suppose they are on your friends list for a reason, but what if I don't want people to watch me play :c

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The Visual Novel is question is WAS ~ The Hourglass of Lepidoptera ~, in which the KickStarter campaign is reaching its final date (Nov. 26th).

This game is taking place in an alternate Post-War Japan, which is in ruins and at a lower point than the Japan of our timeline. In the slums of Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, reside a few characters, whose lives will change after they start interacting with our protagonist, Kurogawa Tadayoshi.

Created by a group of freelancers Japanese content-creators, S.R.L., and aided by Sekai Project (which brought over titles such as planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~, and WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01), this game will ship both digitally (via Steam, which users can vote for the game in Steam's Greenlight initiative - there's a link to the game's demo as well) and physically by April, 2015.

Voiced by professional Japanese voice actors such as Satō Rina (known for roles such as To Aru Majutsu no Index's Misaka Mikoto, and Mahou Sensei Negima's Negi Springfield), Ōhara Sayaka (voiced Fairy Tail's Erza Scarlet, and as Ichihara Yuuko in both the Tsubasa series and xxxHOLiC series) and Murakawa Rie (played Log Horizon 2's Lizé/Riezé, and Trinity Seven's Kurata Yui).

The campaign, while the pledge of $10,000 was already reached, it just $2,000 shy of reaching the Stretch Goal of $46,000, which will make it possibly to renew the voicing licences with the VA studios for an international release, and enable S.R.L. to fully voice the game. At the Pledge Tier of $20 backers will receive the game digitally via Steam and will be mentioned in the Special Thanks section and with as few as 100 new backers, the Stretch Goal for having the game fully-voiced will be reached, at the price of 1/3 from that of a retail game.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. More information about the KickStarter project can be found here.

On a side-note, Sekai Project is also running a Clannad project to fully translate the game to the English language (currently there are no plans for dubbing the game). Some the possible Stretch Goals that are currently being discussed: porting the translated product to other consoles, HD-ing the visuals, and incorporating the post-2004-release additional content into the finished product. You can check it out as well, if you have the time.

Have a blast of a day, and keep on 'bombing!

[Update #1] 20.11.2014

Hello folks, just a quick update: the amount of funds gathered from the time of my previous post until now has risen by $631, from $44,003 to $44,634. To all of you who pledged, thank you. For all those who haven't, hurry up! those sweet deals will end on Nov. 26th. The KickStarter project is just $1,366 short of reaching the Stretch Goal of having the game fully-voiced. So close!

KickStarter project, Steam Greenlight.

Stay healthy, and don't watch that Narcosis trailer (no, seriously. You'll get the shivers. I need to watch some Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Let's Plays to wash off the dread)

[Update #2] 26.11.2014

Hello again. I'm glad to write that the KickStarter project has raised $57,878 from 1,106 backers so far! Having reached the Stretch Goal of $46,000, the game will be fully voiced upon its release (which, by the way, has gotten Steam's Greenlight approval and has been officially Greenlit. Congrats!). The KickStarter will end at 09:03 A.M. PST (about 4 hours from now), so if you want to get the special KickStarter-exclusive bonuses being offered, you better hurry up! Any and all pledges are welcome.

Have a Bombastic day, and keep on gaming.

[Update #3] 26.11.2014

Well, the KickStarter has ended with $59,740. Thanks for everyone who pledged. Sekai Project's other KickStarter campaign, to officially release Clannad internationally, is still going until Jan. 9th, 2015.

'Til next time.

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Kojima/del Toro co-produce a Silent Hill game?

*adds to Watch List*

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Vinny in the City 2: Italian-er

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Repair that elephant with a wrench!

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Hooray, now I can update statuses almost like I'm actually there! It's like... I really have social life! Amazing!