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Hooray, now I can update statuses almost like I'm actually there! It's like... I really have social life! Amazing!

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Closing Irrational seems a little extreme, there's the option of down-sizing the studio. Best of luck for all involved

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I like it. It sends a clearer message to the audience on what the content's nature and purpose.

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Perhaps Sony didn't want people who'll get PS4 before the official launch date (like it always happens in those cases) to be able to rip the benefits earlier than intended. Thus, while allowing to play games in offline, they won't be able to start ranking up in various online games. Although the decision to block movie & music playback seems a little odd, it could be the due to compatibility issues the Playback feature would work until the software is update (because it may cause Playback problems, as most PC owners know)

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I always read Aiden as "A"den (as in hey/wait). If someone wants their to be read as "I"den, I thought it would be natural to write Eden (as in eagle/e-sports)

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I'll buy Beyond. To me, Heavy Rain was an interesting experiment with the medium known as "games." Do experiments always work? No. Does it mean that any future attempts should be cancelled? No. Part of the fun for me is to play through those kinds of games and see how they try to mix-n-mesh with the formula. Be it a good experience or a bad one, if the game was made with good intentions to try something new (Please note that I'm not referring to games that try to survive solely on a gimmick, but games that actually try to blend the line between "game" and "movie/book/TV show" a la TellTale's The Walking Dead), I would play it. Worst case scenario, as Thomas Edison was said about his attempts to successfully create a light bulb: "I haven't failed 200 times, I just found 200 ways how not a create a light bulb"

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Damn, 66 is practically the new 46. That's too young, in my book

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@baillie: I've only fallen in the water once and survived, and I haven't tried again so far (didn't see a reason to). Maybe it's like in GTA:SA if you fall from a great height with the parachute equipped (but not deployed) will sometimes survive. I can't remember my loadout when I fell into the water

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56) Falling 200+ Meters and landing on the pavement will require a trip to the local medical facility. Fall into the water and you're all peachy and ready to go

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Unconvetional design, but as the saying goes: "In order to accept the New, we must first eradicate the Old" (or something along those lines). I think that controller is like a fresh air to the stale contoller-design atmospere