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I've been waiting 74 days and counting to have access to my account restored. Fortunately - I think - the hacker didn't buy any new points or start any new games, they only made one purchase with points I already had on the account.

I would have thought that this would be a reasonably easy fix. But I just spent a half-hour on the phone only to be told that they haven't bothered to look at the case yet, much less do anything to it, and the only thing they can do would kick the case back to the end of the queue.

I call bullshit on 25 days being worst-case if they take three times that long to start looking at cases, much less complete them.

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@lamegame621 said:
" Gamestop needs to fucking die. All of this pre-order bullshit is destructive and a shitty thing to do. "
I know that. You know that. The publishers don't seem to have gotten the memo, though. :(