Work from a Game Design Course: Concept Art Lessons are tough...

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I started off with my creature design by drawing a bunch of different thumbnail sketches before deciding on my final design. I chose this design for my creature I liked the shape of it and felt like I had some good ideas for how it would live in its environment.
After that I drew the creature in a few different ways to flesh out his design. I felt the first design was the strongest with a nice silhouette. Here was where I started to feel really happy with my design. I then refined my design and added a person as a sense of scale. I am really happy with how this image has come out. I think its some of my best work to date. My final piece. I edited this in Photoshop. I tried a different technique this time that involved layer colours over the top so that I wouldn't lose the detail of the sketch I drew. I'm happy with how it has turned out. What's next? I now plan to use this concept to create my creature in Zbrush.


As I play through Call of Duty MW 3 so that I can wrap up the story from the last 2 games, I noticed the insane amount of times that you manage to fall on your face and then kind of just... stare at your hands? The first time it happened in MW 1(I think?) It was pretty awesome, but it just seems so played out, I find myself rolling my eyes every time it happens!


Dead Space 2

Is a fantastic game. If the first major game of this year was that amazing, I cant wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!  
Bring on Hardcore mode! *is insane for doing it*