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holy fuck these are good

can we get wallpapers of these bad boys?!

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this is the best thing

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boom done!

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Holy shit this is insane.

Since you've already coded the software at this point (again insane) any plans to go back and run Mario Party 1 Party through your algorithms?

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Anybody know why the login work doesn't work in xbox IE anymore? Works fine everywhere else :(

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fine with me! I encourage delays at this point

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So it's everything that is wrong with Spike's show remade into another show? greeaaaat....

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Hm interesting to go back and see, the list of 'complimentary' stuff I bought:

Enemy Territory: QUAKE WarsComplimentary
The Orange BoxComplimentary
QuakeCon 2007Complimentary
Darwinia / UplinkComplimentary
Dark MessiahComplimentary
Garry's ModComplimentary
Valve Test Sub 74Complimentary
X3: ReunionComplimentary
Half-Life 2: Episode OneComplimentary
Sin Episode 1Complimentary
Red OrchestraComplimentary
Rag Doll Kung FuComplimentary
Half-Life 2 SilverComplimentary
Half-Life Platinum PackComplimentary

After that steam history proper kicks in and it understands that I paid money for things. For those curious I believe Valve Test Sub 74 is Portal: First Slice. Another small intersting thing, I was using steam before HL2 came out for the old counter-strike beta that steam launched, kinda sad to see that that old info is not recorded anywhere.

Also oh god I forgot my first steam game after HL2 was Rag Doll King Fu lol

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holy shit, I hope this is true just because it's so insane.

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well shoot, current members can't resub at the sale price? downer :(