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Also never forget people still buy software on disks. You can often find your favorite antivirus on sale at places like Best Buy that have codes in them to renew a subscription. I just picked up a couple of years of ESET for 60% off.

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@rachelepithet: My wife uses ESET Anti Virus on OSX for her MB Air. She's never had any trouble with it but I'm not well versed in whats good for OSX.

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I've had a Corsair H110 dual 240mm rad on my 3570K for almost 2 years now with now issues.

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@zeel: Antivirus not Internet Security. There's hardly any differences between them though (Mobile Support)

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@mb: It's too bad, webroot seemed so promising and inexpensive. I really like ESET Nod32 and it's pretty easy to find on sale.

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@zeel said:

For free I like AVG or Avast. They are both lightweight, but they both have popup ads. They are pretty easy to ignore though. For paid, I cannot recommend Webroot Secureanywhere Antivirus enough (Note Antivirus, not Internet Security). I have been recommending it to my customers for 2 years now and they all love it. It's very effective, very lightweight, and not very pricey. I would never recommend Norton, McAfee or Kaspersky. They tend to be very heavy and resource demanding. That said, Kaspersky is indeed the best of those 3, but I still can't tell you how many times I've seen it cause conflicts with legitimate programs because it's overprotective. Along the same lines, if you ever do get a malware infection with Norton or McAfee, they tend to break the operating system in a way that forces you to strip them from the OS before you can even start cleaning the systems. One last thought. A lot of people are recommending Malwarebytes, and I will do the same, but another great utility to keep in mind if you do get an infection is adwcleaner. Run it after malwarebytes.


Webroot Secureanywhere gave me nothing but headaches because it kept treating my VPN client that I use for work as a threat. The "allow" option when it prompts you is utterly useless as it still scans it while it's running like mad. Webroot also take a "we know more than you" approach and doesn't let you create excluded folders or pathways or to create an allowed application list. You have to instead submit all the application info to them for them to review to then add it to their user wide exception list. I get you don't think that people should be ignoring whole drives or some not new torrented game cracks that obviously are going to flip out an anti virus, but when it comes to work applications... get out of here. Also, awful customer support if you want even a partial refund.

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As per: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/windows-defender,review-2209.html

PROS: Easy setup; low performance impact

CONS: Very poor malware detection; no extra security features

VERDICT : If you’re relying solely on Windows Defender for your antivirus protection, you’re anything but defended.

As per: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/software/1000270/microsoft-security-essentials-2015-review

The problem is that Security Essentials can’t offer real peace of mind. In our tests, Security Essentials/Windows Defender allowed the system to be compromised by 41% of threats. Its response to legitimate software boosted its overall accuracy score, but this is still a worrying result. With that the case, we wouldn’t trust our PCs and our data to Security Essentials. Frankly, neither should you.

Fell free to search "Windows Defender 2015 review" or "Microsoft Security Essentials 2015 Review" and see for yourselves.

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@mb said:

Do you experience the problem on any device on other than your TV? I would look there first instead of at your GPU.

Agreed. Also @dvsshark I assume you mean when you hooked it up to the front audio out port it worked with speakers? I still recommend swapping to another HDMI cable as well.

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I had audio issues for months with latency that would randomly happen and just sound awful. I tried everything to switching out hardware to running latency mon to re-installing windows. It was maddening. Turns out it was Avast Pro's firewall causing a crap ton of issues when I used anything internet heavy. I uninstalled it and switched to another anti virus and the problems have been gone. Perhaps try running without your anti virus (obviously be careful) and see. In your case if you haven't already maybe try another HDMI cable to carry the sound to see if it's the issue.

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Microsoft Security Essentials was awesome and built in (Windows Defender if you're using 8.1) and everyone loved it. Recently though Microsoft has admitted to a lot of Defender and MSE short comings. I've always loved ESET Nod32 anti virus. And if you need a customizable firewall (you likely don't windows firewall is fine for more people) you can upgrade to ESET Smart Security. It's EXTREMELY low resource impacting on your PC, it isn't always in the way, and is dead simple with it's interface and has an advanced mode that you can optionally drill down into settings.