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Impressive memorial duders.


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@sgtsphynx: I just tried it in an obsolete version of IE and it works. But not in Firefox.

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"Best" is such a weird word to use. Does that mean they think those games were the best, disregarding personal preference or are they simply listing their personal favourites? I can definitely see some of them use the second option.

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Not sure if this is an issue with the new chat in particular but Bombin' in the AM is going on right now (18/07/2014) and chat is not working for me at all while it obviously is for other people.

The Hide/Prefs/Chat/Replies buttons are not working either and it shows that there are 0 people watching and 0 people chatting.

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I've never been interested in this game, just seeing it as a stopgap for people desperate to get GTAV on PC but getting no confirmation from R* that it would happen.

All the other stories around it, mostly about Ubisoft being a terrible publisher and developer, just added to my general disinterest.

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I guess I can't buy Blood on steam now, knowing it will only fund this...thing.

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Rose playing probably got a huge boost because of Evo.

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Not sure if Monday is the best day for this feature.Maybe Saturday is more fitting? But I guess you'll get a lot fewer people checking it out if that were the case.

Wednesday may also be a decent time for it to go up.

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@younglink: Yeah I know he did it before but he has apologised for it and deleted some of his tweets. That should be enough.

All right back to the World Cup talk folks, I'm sorry I derailed the discussion.

I don't think Messi deserved that golden ball at all. I'm not even convinced he thinks he deserved it. There were quite a few games where was has pretty much invisible.

Robben and Muller are probably my picks to win it (unsurprisingly they won the Silver and Bronze ball respectively).

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You know, I completely agree. Deleted the tweets as well. I've tried to tone down the heel-y trolling stuff recently, but soccer has been one of the things I've been a bit of a dick about my whole life. That's the way my dad always talked about soccer, and I guess some of it rubbed off on me.

Gonna try to cut that stuff out, which should be way easier now with the World Cup being done. It's not necessarily funny, and I shouldn't feel the need to get on some anti-soccer soapbox whenever I see people talking about it or paying attention to it. Apologies for being a dick, and you're totally in the right to call me out on it. Thanks!

@danryckert: Thanks for doing that. Ribbing fans of a something is one thing, but you were going really far with that stuff.

I've seen quite a few people (often grown men) cry today, from Evo all the way to the football world cup. Nothing wrong with that.

Your work at Game Informer and your work at Giant Bomb so far made me think you were a great addition to the site. Your replies and consequent actions today have reaffirmed that belief.

Apology accepted and a whole-hearted (late) welcome to Giant Bomb, duder.