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770 to 970 is not big enough of a jump to warrant the purchase if you ask me.

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Shame it's chrome and safari only but YT/flash has been so dreadful on firefox for a while now. Entire systems grinding to a halt because of 1 youtube video is not a good time.

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I hope he will continue to do this. We need to motivate him!

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Having played all 3 Souls games in the order they were released in for multiple hundreds of hours each I think Dark Souls is better than both Demon's and DSII.

Demon's Souls is the best in terms of going with a certain atmosphere and setting and sticking to it.

Dark Souls has the best lore, best characters, interconnected world and introduced the covenant system. It has some massive flaws as well such as some of it being barely finished but its positives outweigh its negatives so much that it's a textbook example of a flawed masterpiece. The Prepare to Die Edition DLC massively improves upon the base game and really showed the game as all it could be.

Dark Souls II explains its systems better and is mostly an iterative sequel to Dark Souls with a "more is more" philosophy. Sadly its combat system somehow feels more inaccurate and floaty than in the previous games and its world and characters are barely interesting. It also returns back to a hub system of sorts which I think is far inferior to the interconnected world of the previous game. Much of the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the previous two games simply isn't present and the covenant system from Dark Souls which had so much potential for growth is not improved and expanded upon at all. This and other odd mistakes which had already been solved in the DLC of Dark Souls such as boss weaknesses and behaviour made it clear long before I saw the credits roll that some of the key people who worked on Dark Souls did not work on DSII.

But to be clear, DSII being worse than Dark Souls does not mean it's a bad game. Otherwise I wouldn't have bought the game twice or spent hundreds of hours playing it.

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@finaldasa: It's extra funny because this kind of foresight, planning and co-operation between writers is mostly absent in the actual comics.

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@finaldasa: I think meticulously planning it all out is the only way to make this kind of thing work at all.

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Tropical Freeze is a likely candidate. Although the fact that most of the Bomb Squad have not spent a lot of time with it will probably affect its chances.

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This probably also makes the chances of Andy Serkis playing Klaw in Avengers 2 very high.

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@corevi: It's going to be a Carol Danvers film.