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HI there guys. GO ahead and add me if you like =D.


timezone: eastern

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Pretty awesome. Great work.

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I came out recently myself and this post is wonderful to read. Really nice to hear there are others in similar situations to mine. The hardest thing to do is admit it to yourself so that's a huge step man. Wish you all the luck in the world.

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This is fantastic!

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Doesn't really matter as I'd probably use a fightstick but I'm thinking of getting a PS4 over Xbone if I get either so I chose that.

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I told my mom and dad about it because I was in a horrible mood all day and it was obvious. Also told my girlfriend because she is a big follower of the site.

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I hear you man. I have cried over him several times and as silly as it seems to some who didn't know the website he really seemed like a friend. When you watch the videos on this site it feels like you're sitting with your buddies playing a game and poking fun at it or marveling at how amazing it is. Now we all feel like our friend is gone and we'll never get to hang out again. It fucking sucks. Then to think of all the people who actually knew and loved him other than the Giant Bomb fans it really makes it all the more tragic. It really is nice to know so many people feel the same way.

RIP Ryan.

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I still really can't process that this is real...God this is Horrible.

RIP Ryan.

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Seriously...I just read the article like 5 minutes ago and am sitting here crying...What the fuck is going on in the world? I have no idea how the hell this site will ever be the same without him. I can't believe I care this much about someone I never met. FUCK THIS SUCKS T.T

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It would depend if you want to take the time to learn the game. If you do then by all means, but if you want to just go online and mess around you'll probably get bodied and have like no fun. Obviously either way its up to you.