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Posted by henrik_zwomp

This Pac-Man inspired picture is from a T-shirt design I really like. I think it's awesome, but sadly my size is currently sold out. The company that prints the T-shirt, Threadless, will reprint it if enough people requests it. My hope is that if I blog about the T-shirt here, maybe a few fellow Giant Bomb users will request it too :) 
Posted by KnifeySpoony

That shirt has been sold out for at least a year. I requested to bring it back and for an alert when it was back in print way back when. I've given up on it, really. Good luck, maybe they will realize it's a great shirt soon.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

That is one of the coolest video game T-shirt designs I've ever seen.

Posted by Indigotravel

It has been reprinted. I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Hope you still have a chance to get it!