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@NeverDave: I haven't. Wanted to ask this question before deciding if I should or not.
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How much nudity, sex etc is this in this game? I don't want her to thinks I only bought the game because it has babes and nudity in it. And I really don't want her to start complaining a lot about the types of games I'm playing.

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Awesome Haiku :)

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"LeChuck is at it again. After having kidnapped Elaine and leaving Guybrush Threepwood to die on a deserted island, he is sailing the seas to find the perfect place to marry Elaine on. But luck was on Guybrush's side. After having solved a series of puzzles and tasks he got the island's monkeys to build him a ship."

Beside playing video games I have started to play with LEGOs again. This is my first video game related LEGO creation that I thought up when I was thinking about doing something fun the the small boat pieces. While thinking if I could make a small sail boat with them I came to the thought that small ships would fit nicely in a Secret of Monkey Island MOC. 
More pictures on my other blog:  http://mylittleteabox.com/index.php/2011/01/14/lego-secret-of-monkey-island?blog=9
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@MatPaget said:
" Im SO stoked. I have wanted to play Ico for a long time! "
We too. Been waiting and hoping for this for a long time :P
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Cool, a screenshot I took got used in a news story :)
Also, Syndicate was great and I want another sequel.

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I hope it doesn't make as mush noise as the old one.

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@SBYM: Finally, #624 to finish. Thanks again.
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Thanks for the hints. I have gotten all of them except for Get Equipped With... #5. Are there any additional hints anybody can give me?
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