I guess *someone* has to create the FMV game concept page....

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....and that someone might as well be me.

Here is what I remember about Digital Pictures

1. Tom Zito
2. Fashion Island Blvd (San Mateo...or maybe Foster City???)
3. U-Direct Interactive Film (see #4.)
4. TruVideo Interactive Movie (see #3.)
5. Insta-Switch technology (see #3-4.)

I actually have a press reel they sent out in like 93/94 that shows them on location filming Supreme Warrior, Slam City w/Scottie P, Corpse Killer ("Me drive big Hummah Jeep like Ahhnuld got in Holly-wuuuud", RIP Vincent Schiavelli) and something else. Maybe quarterback attack. Not sure.

The make my video games need to be added as does Tomcat Alley, although I think that was a Sony Imagesoft game the used the "TruVideo" patented technology created by Digital Pictures.