E3 2012 Day 0 Microsoft(my thoughts)


Day 0 started off with the Microsoft press conference. I didn't expect much since we now nearing the end of the cycle but somehow I was still disappointed. I bought my 360 back in early 06 to play video games. When they started to add things like netflix and twitter it was cool little extra heck I even use the poorly designed youtube app at times. However I never felt like that was taking away from games being announced or made. This year however we were shown fewer games than I can ever remember and half of those we saw saw or heard about at the show last year. I get it it's not all about the games and they need to show all facets of the company to press in attendance but come on. When half the conference is about Kinnect as a glorified microphone and me connecting my whole house to my xbox because... I don't know then and 5 minutes are spent how to speak Spanish to my xbox, you have lost me. Why would i need IE on my 360 when we have a netflix and youtube app anyways. Anything else would require more typing then its worth and I rather use a computer. Anyways let's get to the games.

1. Halo 46/10I've already finished the fight. I admit the new enemy's looked cool I guess. Still at the end of the day i wasn't a huge Halo fan and at this point I think I'm Just done with it.
2.SC:Blacklist7/10Never big on the Splinter cell Series. I sort of liked conviction and this looked like that mixed with Assassins Creed and future solider.
3. Fifa 13/ Madden 13?/10Not much shown but a scared looking Joe Montana and hey Kinect is the best microphone ever. I love me some sports but look like more of the same.
4.Fable Kinnect0/10Dbz...oh wait its fable Next!
5.Gears of war Judgement5/10Hard to get hyped by a trailer plus just like Halo I thought we finished the fight. We will see.
6. Forza Horizon1/10A Trailer.Still no idea what it is but I I'm still happy with my copy of Forza 3.
7.Tomb Raider8/10Looks cool. Nervous that the all the QTE will get stale. Also the moaning dear god it sounds like a porno.
8.Various arcade game trailers and a kinnect angry birds game.0/10Next!
9.RE:67/10Looks cool for an action game, but still its been all down hill after 4 for me. I saw another demo from capcom awhile back with Leon and flashlight in the dark so I hope some of that still in the game.
10.South Park9/10Looks fucking awesome I hope it all turns out well.
11. Dance Central 30/10I don't own a Kinect and do they really need 3 versions in 3 years of this game.
12 Black ops 23/10I'm done with cod. I love 4 and blops and the rest were ok .

Overall Grade c-

Next gen hurry up.


My I have no idea how to build a gaming pc blog.

Here's the Bottom line I want to play Diablo 3 In all its glory( and maybe some other pc games at reasonable settings). As you can tell my pc is pretty sad. I'd like to run the game on most of it's high settings. Let's try to keep the price under control but I have no set price in my head either. I know that not much to go on but basically don't go to crazy guys, I'm not looking to run battlefield 3 on ultra or anything crazy. I already know I will need more ram but after that i'm lost. Also I got the PSU under control so don't worry so much about that either.

Recommended System Requirements Diablo 3

Windows® Vista/7 (latest service packs)Mac® OS X 10.7.x or newer
Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHzIntel® Core 2 Duo
NVIDIA® GeForce® 260 or ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 or betterNVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M or ATI Radeon™ HD 4670 or better

I'm aware this game has some pretty low specs so yes you can go over those as well. Please try to use the Canadian new egg.



Why NHL 11 should be the next TNT game.

My poor Photoshop is poor 
First let me start of by saying this is more a writing exercise due to boredom and I have no hopes this will be take seriously. The purpose of this blog is to express my feelings as to why NHL 11 should be the next TNT game. I'll go over in my opinion what  characteristics of games in general make for better TNT's. Why NHL 11 would satisfy those characteristics. So lets get on with it. 
Its been a little over a year since TNT began here on Giantbomb. While all TNT's form Super Street Fighter 4 to Dirt 3 have been entertaining at times some TNT have been more successful then others. What make some TNT's better than others? The first thing that pops into my mind is not being a FPS. Don't get me wrong I love shooting dudes in the face as much as the next guy. However FPS limits watch-ability as it gets kind of repetitive after 2 hours. Also when dealing with FPS it limits the ability for the community to interact with the staff members besides shooting them in the face. Think  about the Red Dead TNT is was great seeing the community going up to tall tress with Ryan bear hunting. Another  problem with FPS or even third person shooters it limits guests on the shows comments to usually "shoot that guy"  
Another great staple in  a good TNT is the ability to have has many people as possible participate in the given 2 hours. Lets face it you would be pretty bummed out if you made it on to the GBTNT friend list just not get a chance to participate. That is where I believe racing games fall short. Dirt 3 has a recent example only limit amount of people could join and because of the session length only a number of races were possible. 
When it comes to a great TNT community creation seems key. I love hearing the Staff go nuts of the dumb/cool shit the community can come up with. Heck even the staff can get into at times. Seeing those crazy caws in WWE All-Stars was great. Recently Virtua Davis stole the show in the Tennis TNT. I think when players can show off there creative side everyone wins. Just ask Jeff "UNO".          
Finally the most important thing in  a stellar TNT, The possibility for a crazy as shit to happen. From crazy crashes in racing TNT's to comebacks in fighting games TNT to epic fails in shooting TNT's nothing more satisfying for me then watching the Staff either losing there shit laughing or be shocked by how cool something just was. 
So why would NHL 11 be a great TNT game? First of all. The Staff almost know nothing about hockey. Which leaves the door open to crazy stories about the one time they almost watched a game. Or crazy misconceptions about the sport. More Importantly however by playing 6 vs 6 team play we can get the community involved fast. Having people team up with the staff is always fun. Also since Ryan would have five  team mates it wouldn't matter if he had no idea what he was doing he could learn while is team mates carried him. I'm sure the staff would get kick out of some players made up player names  and how they designed their player.  I could see the possibility of awesome goals,plays and goal celebration. I'm sure the staff will love the after whistle mayhem and fights. With the ability of having Canada vs USA games there could be some intense community competition.  
  More of this please.

Hey, Gears 2 it's been awhile. Man your looking good!

I bought my Xbox 360 back in December of 2006. It was the pro bundle that came with G.R.A.W and XBL Arcade Hits. However when I got home I found out that G.R.A.W was faulty. So I went out and rented Gears having almost no idea what it was about only that I kept hearing its name over and over again. I played split screen co-op with a buddy of mine the next day and some online. Well i was less than impressed with the online which to me seem like a dice rolling shotgun game of luck. I loved the co-op and the next time I had money bought it. I played through the story co-op with so many different people on XBL and friends alike that I memorized lines and lost count how many times I had beat the story. Don't get me wrong I played some multi player with a bud of mine who was addicted to it like crack but I was almost forcing myself to like it for his sake. 

Clock Tower was alright  
Flash forward to November of 2008 and Gears of War 2 is coming out. I already convince myself  to but just for the co-op and to continue what and this point some might loosely call a story. I had seen some of the improvements to the online and horde look pretty sweet so I wasn't completely writing of multi-player just yet. The Game came out and after going through co-op and beating the game on insane. my previously mentioned gears 1 addict of a friend and I ventured off into its online. What we found was broken match making and maps which seemed cool but at the same time we kept going back to the flashback maps. I quickly returned to COD 4 and while my friend lasted a little longer he eventually got fed up of be able to watch episodes of TV shows before finding a match and gave up as well. 
In the coming months I noticed we were not alone. While Gears of Wars 1 had dominated the top of played games on XBOX live for close to two years. As the months passed Gears 2 fell further and further down the list. Gears 2 had left my awareness until they pushed out the third title Update in march of 2009. I liked the way the title updated improved the way ranking was counted with levels instead of symbols and the match making was working better it was still dumb to try to find a team of four and then another team of four to play against. I played for about a week and back on my shelf Gears 2 went. 
Last week, after getting frustrated at MW 2 I decided to play something else. My friend the addicted one again had started playing gears 2 about two months before after picking up the Dark the Corners map pack.  He convinced me to give it another go, saying it was really improved and how it was only 800 MPS now. I figured for that price 19 maps and more co-op I had to buy it. Wow what differences title updates can bring to a game. The match making had finally been changed to find all eight people at once. The Maps oh my god the maps are by far better than anything on the original disc. Seriously I can play the map pack playlist all day. The took out the know down affect of the smoke grenades which really annoyed me before.  Now with the social matchmaking you can join horde and other games in progress. 
Now with Snow!!!! 
In conclusion, I cant believe how far Gears 2 has come since it release. It has given me an alternative to MW2 for times where I feel like playing something different. I encourage anyone who may of not like Gears 2 so much the first time around to give it one more chance. 

 Aw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Note: I know there is probably lots of typos and grammar errors I'm fixing them OK!!!!)