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Great game 0

I'm about 20 hours into Deus Ex: Human Revolution and I've got to say that I'm very impressed.  It has an immersive story that keeps you engaged, and mostly interesting side quests that aren't simple "go get this item for me".    There are some drawbacks to the game as I've found that this is one of those rare titles that makes me feel a little nauseous to to the movement of the main character.  The bouncing up and down while he walks bothers me.  Don't get me wrong, it certainly looks realistic...

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Great game for the price 0

I have to admit that I didn't think I'd enjoy this game nearly as much as I did.  The first game confused, but this one really makes up for it.  I enjoy the throwback to the 80's and all of the pop-culture references.  The single player was enoiyable, but I really feel that this game shines in either co-op or versus modes.  The versus mode is a little chaotic and I still get my butt handed to me every single time, but it's not as predictable as the single player.  Co-op is great because you can ...

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Hawx 2 0

This game is only for those that really, really like aerial combat.  It is not fun, the graphics are horrendous for an Xbox 360 game and the story is mediocre at best.  In fact, there are enough errors in this game to piss off people who actually know this stuff and the developers should really be ashamed.  The only saving grace is that I didn't buy it!    Other sites gave it as high as an 8.5, but I simply don't understand how that possible.  single player is passable, multiplayer is virtually ...

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