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Ghostbusters is just ok, Sorry Fanboys. 0

  When the new Ghostbusters game was announced I was giddy with joy at the possibility of trapping some ghouls of my own.   That dynamic of the game it does really well.   The game makes you feel as if you are fighting some spirits from the first movie and that it really is a cat and mouse game with them.   Trapping ghosts took a little skill to get used to but overall it was really rewarding.   The game does take a turn for the worst when as a new recruit your task is to also make sure you are ...

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Turn My Head and Cough 0

So the Nazis come across the pond and invade New York and the rest of USA. Playing as a resistance fighter you fight back against the new regime and take back the war.  First of all the controls seem to get worse and worse as the game goes on.  I can see why the demo was the first levels because the farther you play into this game the more the bugs seem to show themselves.  Frame rate problems become a huge issue when shooting at multiple enemies. There is not much of a story other than the mai...

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