Playstation 3 ordered!

This is it! I've gone and bought a PS3 for myself. I did own a Wii however, I got bored of it quickly and sold it a while back - Which I sort of regret now with Mario Galaxy, Other M and other upcoming games... But what the heck! I've got loads of games to look forward to now and a large back catalogue to go through. I've mainly been a PC gamer for the past through years but with exclusives like Uncharted, Little Big Planet and God of War, I've felt I have been missing out. Sure PC has a huge library but now I can get the best of both worlds. The game I've ordered is Brutal Legend as I've been meaning to play it for ages... Plus it was a tenner! And what can I say, I'm a Tim Schafer fanboy! 
List of games I'd like to get: 
Uncharted 1 + 2*
Ratchet and Clank*
Red Dead Redemption*
Little Big Planet  2*
God of War (All of them)
ModNation Racers *
Assassins Creed II 
Heavy Rain 
Infamous 1 + 2*
Dead Space 1 + 2 
Fallout New Vegas 
Mortal Kombat
( * = sooner rather than later)