I'm getting the hang of all this GB business

Ok, after a couple of days of doing nothing (and, after that, a couple of days contributing sparsely), I've started to get the hang of all this GB stuff. I'm posting in the forum, I've contributed some information, and all in all I'm really enjoying this site.

One minor complaint however, is that I posted a few images about a day ago, and they are still pending for submission. I know it's because everyone's contributing, but I'm more important than them!


Anyway, the site's fun. >_>

Hyper out.


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OK... I have no idea what to do on here. I'm not even sure how all of this works.

I do know, however, that there's no fear of mods, so I can swear. Check it out:


That's just badass. It really is. It's fucking badass.


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I has arrived.

Hi all.

After much deliberation, I have decided to join this site. I'm sure I know a few of you, but for those who I don't, here are some things to know about me.

I'm Hyper_Hedgehog and I'm from England. My favourite video game is Sonic 2. I love Sonic (as you may have guessed by my username -_-), Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. My favourite band are the Beatles, but my favourite song is 'Everlong' by Foo Fighters, who just so happen to be my second favourite band.

OK... so... see you on the boards!

Hang ten!


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